What is shipping like from unicycle.com? Is it normally pretty fast, right on time, or slow? I just purchased my first street uni and I’m itching get started.

I’m in Canada and Normaly it takes around 1 and 2 weeks, more like 1 week. your in Mississippi so it shouldn’t take much time, and they are suppose to send you the Tracking number by e-mail.

Pretty sure they are located in Georgia so only 2 days probably. It takes 3 full days to get to Chicago.

I live in Canada, and my first order (unicycle and leg armour) took 3 days, and I ordered on Easter Sunday:D

My next order, some Trials Inner Tubes (they’re very good, buy them!:)) took about two weeks.

I’ve ordered from the US store three times and it always takes about 10 days to ship a package out into the mountains.

It has taken me zero days on all my orders (I pick stuff up when I’m in Atl). I might be getting a CF base from them today or tomorrow!:smiley:

It is always three days from when they ship out to Wisconsin, if you’re in a big hurry just give them a call.

They put your items in a box, then the box goes in a truck, and maybe on a plane. Another truck delivers the box to your doorstep. Nothing unusual.

When the box goes on a plane, it’s pretty fast. I think planes need to go at least 120 mph to fly. When the box sits on your doorstep, it’s very slow.

We can’t say if it’s on time as you haven’t told us your time requirements.

That itching is because you haven’t bathed in a week.

Haha! Funny answer but it’s still not wrong! when I order my stuff it get at my place like a day before it’s supposed to. I like that:)