unicycle.com where'd the torkers go?

i can’t find them on unicycle.com anymoree. are they getting new models of them or something? :thinking:

I honestly dont know.

Send UDC an e-mail, they will know whats up.

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I doubt it but good luck

They would know why they took something of their site, its kinda their job.

UDC is always very good at answering questions, they were able to tell me why the Qu-ax weren’t on and when they expected them a few weeks ago when they weren’t on there.

is there another site i can get a torker lx 20 inch on?


Sure its their job kinda but they still say that you can get a monty tire on a profile uni… They dont even make monty 2.5 tires anymore!

PS i figured out how to use italics isnt that neat?

most bike shops can get you a torker lx. hell, quite a few will have some on hand.

www.Bicyclesource.us has 2007s for $100 shipping included. my brother just got one from ther and is quite happy about it

I sent an e-mail asking them what happened to those and the Nimbus unis, the replied the next day, heres what they said.

We’re currently out of stock of the Torker DX until the end of the month. The reason for the price change on a select few Nimbus models is due to our manufacturers upping of costs.

Best Regards,

Your Unicycle.com team



Another site, well, Serious Juggling.com has them(I think, though they look like they haven’t updated in a while). Mostly Torkers, though. And obviously, the Torker website. They have to have them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think you can order anything from the torker website though.

torkerusa.com I’m not sure if you can buy there though but you can call the number they have and special order one.

They are back up on UDC.