Unicycle.com Video Comp - Entry Thread

Here it is. This is the real one. Enter your videos here. The only changes to rules will be getting rid of any catagories with no entries.

Rules for the Unicyclist Video Compition:

  1. Each person may only submit one video per catagory.
  2. Videos must be your own creation
  3. Your video must be in WMV or QuickTime format, or uploaded to YouTube, Google Video, or a simular website.
  4. The video must be less than 5 minutes 30 seconds and longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  5. Compliation videos will only be judged under the compliation video section.

To submit your video you must:

  1. Identify yourself into one of the following skill levels: Novice or Expert and into one of these types: MUni, Trials, Street, Freestyle. Try your best to catagorize. If we do not agree, we will change it.
  2. Give us a direct link to your video.
  3. Release your video under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License (see here for details) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.5/. This basicly means that we can do anything with your video but use it for Commercial uses. Just trying to stay legal.

Catagories and criteria:

Best Novice
Best Expert

Best Novice
Best Expert

Best Novice
Best Expert
Biggest move (most spins, varials, flips, whatever in one trick)

Best Novice
Best Expert

Best Compilation
Best BC wheel

Biggest bail (You know what we are talking about)
Entertainment (Make us laugh!)
Community’s Favorite! (Chosen by the community based on what they like)

The contest is open to everyone on Unicyclist. Yes, even Jonny Peacock, if he wants to enter. The judging process will depend on the number of entries. You are being marked for overall riding. Some consideration will be given for editing and music though.

Have fun! All videos are due December 5th, 2006.

Is Putfile an acceptable site to upload my entry on? or the gallery?

gallery is good.
just make sure its a WMV or Quicktime, because I dont like downloading codecs.

Doess ‘best compilation’ mean a compilation of different riding styles (one person) or a compilation of several riders?

Because I’m starting on my video, and I was planning on having 4 styles in it (street, trials, muni and freestyle) mostly street and trials though. Do I have to make it mainly one style, or what?

Can you define Novice/Expert? Is Expert ‘placed in a national or international competition’ ‘competed in a national or international competition’ or something else?


This is a compilation video but i don’t know if i’m novice or expert. I’ll enter it in novice because I’ve only been riding for about a year and a half but if you want to change it that’s fine. The movie is on Putfile and unicycle.tv. Here are links to both.


It’s called “Muni video” on unicycle.tv

Thanks for doing this contest, its an awsome idea.

hahah this will be so fun

compilation: more than one rider in the same video

try to catagorize yourself in expert or novice. The judges will have the final say on which one you are. If you don’t know, just say that you don’t know.

ok here is my problem: i have a vid and it is mostly me but there are like 2 short clips of other people. it has all of our names in the credits byt can i still enter it as a solo vid?


PS yeah im not sure about novice or expert either - i think you need something to define expert so that people will be forced into that catagory. otherwise everyone will go in novice and say its not fair when the judges move them into the expert catagory. i think skill-wise i am towards the top of novice or the bottom of expert so its a difficult decision.

theres my entry for now, I might change it if I feel like videoing, but i think im done w/ that for a while

the thread title says “unicycle.com video comp”. is this sponsered by udc at all? what are the prizes for winning?

how comes nobody is entering videos in this thread?

Im working on mine:)

i will be making one

i think i’ll make one this weekend.

i’m waiting for stuff for the DVD so i’m free for a bit.


I wonder if it is possible to use the CC license when we use in a video, a song from a notorious artist as the soundtrack.
Anybody got an idea ?


Here is mine.
classified Best creation
Here is the link

Pretty sure it’s not… Try googling “Podsafe” or “Creative Commons” music… I know there are some out there. (Only one off the top of my head is Wayne & Wax)

It isn’t, but I am not going to pay attention to something like that. It is illegal to use copywritten music (like all mainstream stuff) in any video online. But we do it anyway. The only reason for the CC lisence is so I could consolodate all the videos or the best of into one place…

And on that note, please, PLEASE check out the new video website VODPOD. There is a unicycling pod at http://unicyclists.vodpod.com/. This site is great and I would think better than youtube. They are a new startup and they are looking for videos. The owner contacted me to ask if I could use their service and offered to help out. So, I am giving them a plug for being nice.

I forgot the ist. There are no prizes for this, just pride :slight_smile: . It is in no way sponsered by UDC and I would change the title, but I cant. Thanks for pointing this out.

I wanna enter the Unicycle.com video contest:



Peter Maessen