Unicycle.com UK

Hi Guys,

We have just done a major update to the UK Unicycle.com website. The platform has been upgraded and has a whole new look. We have also changed our domain!

So we have gone from www.unicycle.uk.com to www.unicycle.co.uk

Both domains will work for sometime, if you go to uk.com you will get redirected to co.uk. The same goes for our email.

As this is such a big change, please do bare with us. We are still working hard going through the site and making little changes all the time.

Our website now has a new calendar, an updated blog and an almost totally rewritten FAQ.

Things have moved on in the 20 years that we have been selling on the internet and one of them is the way that Google is getting in to all of our lives. So our calendar is now a collection of Google calendars all in one place. For the unicycle ones I have used STFU’s calendar and Maksym Siegieńczuk’s fantastic Team up calendar. There are also calendars for Penny farthings and juggling.

We do need your help though!

If you find a problem or spot something that isn’t right, let us know! Please email us on contact@unicycle.co.uk

We have also lost all our testimonials on the move, so if you feel you can give us a company review on google we would appreciate it.

You have done a great job. I really like it. You might want to fix the price listed for the 20" Hoppley on the Bestsellers section of your home page however. If it really was that price I would buy a bunch of them and give them away as gifts!


Mail sent!

Thanks for the feed back.

Yes, this is on the list to fix. If you go in to the product you will see it is a grouped product and as per “convention” for shopping carts it shows the lowest priced item in the group. I totally agree, that is stupid. It is on the developers fix list although we have been working on getting the checkout to function correctly as that took priority. I would expect it to be fixed by next week.