Unicycle.com (U.S.)

I’m sure this has been said before…

2 Thumb’s Up for Unicycle.com

I just made an inexpensive purchase and was treated like I spent much more!!
All sorts of follow-up emails about where it was in processing, as well as when it was out for delivery!

Included was some promotional material and a nice sticker.
It is nice when a business takes so much time and effort for a minor purchase.
I look forward to doing business with them again!!

'Just wanted to say Thank You and spread the word!

Horrendous customer experience with Unicycle.com

I would like to post my experience dealing with the website by the same name as my favorite hobby as they were HORRIBLE to me, with no interest in making it right.

I purchased the Sunlite MX Sidepull Brake, which was described as “perfect for anyone who rides a Coker 36er”

When it arrived, I came to discover that it does NOT fit the two brake mounting points on my 36er. I would have to drill a hole in the frame.

Given that I did not want to damage my new 36" unicycle by putting holes in it, I opted for a Shimano brake kit that actually fits my unicycle and works lovely.

When I tried to return the brake kit that does not fit my unicycle, despite the very clear and specific description, I get a call from Atlanta where this incredibly rude guy rude, Steve, literally SCREAMED AT ME. Claiming I was lying and deceiving when I tried to get my $60 back for a part that is defective.

They have no interest in making it right and have treated me horribly on multiple occasions.

AVOID UNICYCLE.COM AT ALL COSTS!!! Sure, maybe your parts will arrive, and maybe they’ll be intended for a bicycle, or a tricycle, or a rocketship. (my friends have had similar experiences)

They were rude, inaccurrate, and allowed the error in their advertising to persist for months before I had to call again to demand they dont defraud anyone else. I wonder how many people are also stuck with parts that don’t fit their unicycle due to the ineptitude of their website. I submitted a review for the part, but of course they didn’t post about their screwup.

GO LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE, shit…eBay has you covered way more than these guys with like, an actual return policy

dkny, I’m sorry your experience was bad.

I have had only positive experiences with unicycle.com in my eleven years of unicycling. While not all orders have arrived exactly as I had intended at time of purchase, my expectations for subsequent customer service have been met, and my expectations for product quality have been exceeded time and again.

I support unicycle.com

Bought the following from them:
-torker 20"
-nimbus 24"
-KH seat
-shadow handle kit
-tires, inner tubes
-cranks(vcx, venture…etc.)

no problem…highly recommend…cuz there’s nowhere else!!

Maybe unicycle.com USA learned from past experiences-- I had a KH29 shipped to me with a finishing problem in the frame seatpost tube. I shipped the uni back after marring up the tube trying to get a stuck seatpost extracted from the frame. They took my return, confirmed the finishing problem, and shipped me a new unit (after doublechecking it did not have the same issue) without any hassle.