Unicycle.com to carry Dyno Fireball tires

Grapevine informs me Drummond has purchased 25 Fireballs.

Nice to know the effort bore fruit… or fire… whatever…


Pricey as hell though, $74.95


sweet god in heaven!

isnt this a recession?bring on the Hoggy-G

Wow, thats alot of cashflow for a fireball

your better of getting on at the already over inflated 50 that that guy from bean town (?) was selling them.

I mean Unicycle.com has the best prices arround 75 is a steal for that thing… no they arnt ripping us off left and right thats how much thoes tires cost to make.

If only I could boycot them, damn monopoly.

The Grapevine has it Bedford will be stocking them shortly :slight_smile:

Anybody remember how much the Fireball was going for back when Dyno was still in business? I think they were in the $30 to $40 range.

Anyways, I’m waiting for the Hoggy-G.


Another view of the Hoggy-G


Unicycle.com is not the only option. The fireball is still $55 on ebay. I know a guy that just got two for $100 from that ebay guy. I think that price included shipping… to Hawaii :astonished: .


Just keep it in mind

plenty is in mind…

hi,Robbie whats up?

$23-28, depending on where. :slight_smile:


woah… that hoggy g is… bald…


Well this is sort of frustrating. But now I understand why the person on the phone at Unicycle.Com had a strange pause when I told them I had a fireball tire and could i have them make me a uni and just not put the tire on.

Hmm … decisions, decisions.


Shouldn’t be frustrating for you at all: The Source get’s to sell you a bunch of stuff because you need it- they just don’t get to sell you an over-inflated tyre. You should both be happy. They get your money, you get your stuff… if they want more of your money, they can compete for it when you need to replace your tyre. I don’t think they have anything to cry over.



Well it is very tempting to order the uni I was gonna order, but WITH the unicycle.com guys including a tire, so I wont have to install it, ask you to install it, or ask Tommy to put it on. I can just order it and it will arrive perfectly ready to go out of the box, and the other one will be a spare.

The frustrating part is knowing that that will irk you and that there might be some mild stress there. :slight_smile:

I’m just not going to think about it right now, that is for the best. I already have 1 unicycle.com order on the way. I’ll just let that arrive first. Maybe by then everyone will order all the Fireballs from Unicycle.com and I wont have to decide. :slight_smile:

When I spoke to them on the phone, to ask them what kind of Uni setup they suggested for the fireball, I sensed that the guy on the phone (Cant rememeber his name but it wasnt one of the Drummonds) was perplexed about something he didnt verbalize. So, a little intuition made me ask him if he was perplexed because he didn’t understand the interest in the tire. He admitted that yes that was the case. It didnt seem to make sense to him why people were so interested in the Fireball. I told him that while a lot of people do 20" trials, that a lot of people just loved the 24" more. The Fireball is versatile: it is a big fat ride, and it is so smooth. You can have a luxurious roll around the neighborhood, you can go to the grocery store on it, you can do trials, take huge drops, and just about do anything, and that the super fat slick was so comfortable and irresistable that people just love them. His response was “yeah but the side wall is paper thin compared to a gazz or any bigger tires” and I just commented that the lush ride and the monster stable wheel for either cruising or taking drops or doing stairs or anything else was just too awesome to worry about that drawback otherwise.

Anyway …


Re: Unicycle.com to carry Dyno Fireball tires

john_childs wrote:
> *Anybody remember how much the Fireball was going for back when Dyno
> was still in business? I think they were in the $30 to $40 range.
> *

$23-28, depending on where. :slight_smile:


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I don’t think my tire had any air in it when I opened the box


What are disadvantages to a ‘paper-thin sidewall’ when not on the trail, are there any?