unicycle.com sold out

Unicycle.com ran out of Miyata seats. I dont know why we have to to wait until spring, but until then can anyone recommend sites I can buy them off?


i got one for sale here http://www.unicyclist.com/auctions/item.php?id=9780af4515de0a1526646be44e73a50b

Check with Darren Bedford. But seriously, they are the same as the Torker LX.

EDIT: or get the one Jag is selling. It has a much better handle and comes with the rail adapter.

They still have the Torker LX saddle which is pretty much a Miyata. Same shape. Same general design.

It is good that the Miyata saddles are gone. The last batch was less than good. They moved the manufacturing to China and the quality went downhill. The plastic used for the handles and bumpers was softer and would split or rip. They changed the hardware setup in the saddle which caused the bolts to spin when you try to loosen or tighten the nuts under the seat. Things were not good. The old Miyata saddles were made in Japan and were of much better quality. Hopefully the next batch will be better than the last batch.

So, can I understand that with the Torker LX saddle, the D*MN bolts don’t strip and spin so easily?

Not necessarily. I have never taken a Torker LX seat apart so I don’t know what they have done with the hardware inside. Someone who has taken the Torker LX seat apart will have to comment about the build quality of the seat.

ive taken an LX apart…its basicly the same as the chinese made Miyata’s with one big differance. there isnt any of that thread lock stuff so getting the bolts loose isnt a problem.

its same story with the carridge bolts bedding in a square plastic hole so dont over tighten or you will round them out. i would say that the plastic seat base is noticably stronger and stiffer than the crappy chinese Miyata version seats.

Bedford Unicycles has green Miyata seats in stock.
I have a box of seats without posts.

These have the U bolt in them like the Japanese seats did.

info at bedfordunicycles dot ca


I haven’t taken a close look at one of the Torker seats. When I saw one in a bike shop I just thought it was a great step forward for lower-priced unicycles, but I assumed it was from the same factory.

So Jagur, are you pretty sure the bases are different between the Torker and recent-made (Chinese) Miyata seats? That would be cool, as it suggests there may be two or more sources of these seats. It always sucks when they run out. But at least these days, we have alternate choices.