unicycle.com sale w/fee shipping. Ends midnight tonight.

Not spam, just spreading news of a great sale that I almost missed.

You should check your local UDC, but UDC in the US has a sale with free shipping ending today. I just placed my order to unicycle.com , two KH seat covers (8 bucks a piece.) and and a 36 nightrider tire.

be sure an use the ‘shipitnow’ coupon code for the free shipping. (It’s listed on the home page.)

Thanks. Just saved me a few bucks!

I’m not sure if you’re saying the free shipping deal also ends today, but that’s supposed to go till December 31.

Thank you for clarifying.

Actually, the box I just received has a code for free shipping through something like February.

Just saved $10.84 with the “shipitnow” coupon code, thanks!

What did you get?

KH Touring Bar and 114 Venture 2 Cranks, ye ‘ol Coker is gettin’ a makeover!

No handle for the Oracle?

No, Oracle is just for Muni, I prefer to not use a handle. Bruised, scraped up, bleeding and sore from my worst high speed, downhill crash ever today on the Oracle, a handle could of done a lot more damage!

Good to know. I’m hoping to get my own 36 soon and it’ll spend as much time off-road as it will on. Even though you’re scraped and bruised, I can’t wait!

Thanks for the heads up on this. Saved me almost $10.