Unicycle.com question

I will one day, probably in January, buy the KH24 MUnicycle. This one, I mean: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=619
But now looking at the website, I see that I will not buy it until March. Darn it.

Anyway, my question is this: I want a miyata seat because I have a Trials unicycle with a KH seat and I think that miyata’s are better for trials and KH’s are better for MUni. Am I able to request a Miyata seat instead?

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Maybe just try dialling 1-800-UNICYCLE and then reading out:

If they have both seats in stock then I’d be surprised if they’re not able to do that for you.

My KH24 is on the way! :sunglasses:

Okay, thanks!

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Remember to get a seat post and/or shims as needed

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I take it you enjoyed riding my KH24!

Gimme a call when it arrives- be keen to go for another ride. Did you get the 140mm cranks?

Sorry, back on topic- James, I don’t do much trials riding but I would have thought that the KH is better than the Miyata since the handle is easier to grip. It might not be so easy for freestyle but you can get the KH freestyle seat without the handle.

In terms of stiffness the Miyata seat is probably stiffer- until your metal plate breaks then it is as bendy as a KH unless you upgrade to a CF seat base.

The new KH seats should be even better with a narrower front end.

The KH seats are just really big and heavy and tough to take out of between my legs. I’ve done trials with a friends Miyata seat on, and it worked better.

Miyata is better for seat out hops.