Unicycle.com profiled by UPS Newsletter

Too bad I cant figure out how to show the picture that is on the front cover, but take a look at the UPS Newsletter. It shows John Drummond riding a Coker while playing a banjo. But the article is nice. Bravo Drummonds…

Is that the one?

very good article.

i would like to see their site get a few updates though, many pix and reviews are quite out dated and i’d like to see the return of USPS shipping for the lighter orders.

things like that would really help out us regulars.

oh and imagine a “unicycle.com forum” added to the site…

Thanks for getting it here, but no, that’s the one used inside the newsletter. There’s a great one on the front cover. I’ll have to shoot a pic and upload…tonight perhaps.

Personally, I’d like to see FedEx as an option. I’ve worked for both companies, and I consider FedEx better in most regards.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


…so FedEx gave you more money, eh?

I do agree it’d be nice to have more shipping options, but sticking with one shipping provider can benefit the customer in more ways than one. The company I just quit does a lot of shipping with UPS and have negotiated lower packaging & shipping costs with UPS in light of their high volume. This cost reduction then gets passed along to the customer! Hopefully the same dealings go on at unicycle.com

You need to change your “avatar line”… it says you’re on vacation 'till you find a job… unless working for FedEx has been a vacation? …or are you back on vacation?

Wonder how many packages you need to ship a year to get a profile? Probably wouldn’t profile us since I have sort of an adversarial relationship with UPS. Fed Ex on the other hand has been very happy with the business we have given them that used to be solely UPS’s.

It’s probably not a matter of quantity, but a good interesting success story where UPS can be mentioned as being a reason for the success.

Amy just called me about something totally unrelated, and I guess it helps if you have dogged determination like John. I never tried to get publicity through UPS. Not that they are likely to promote a company that is shipping toxic, poisons and deadly traps all over the US.:smiley:

Unicycle.com profiled by UPS Newsletter

Thanks for posting! That you, Tommy?

Chad, we laughed out loud at your last post.

Our UPS rep sent this Adobe Acrobat file with the entire issue:

Unicycle.com article in RoundUPS magazine pdf

Now let’s put the parts together:

-Playing the Banjo.
-In Georgia.

Hmm. We could almost make a movie. :wink:

UPS is fine, of course, but I really do like being able to drive to UDC.

Nice picture, John!

Re: Unicycle.com profiled by UPS Newsletter

Nope, this is Tom. (Dang confusing. Because of that very thing, you might remember I started a thread a while back Re: is Tom/Thomas/Tommy/Tomas the most common name for unicyclists… it proved to be.)

Notice that under my name is “student of Grandmaster 2T”. That would be Tommy.

I couldn’t open the pdf for some reason.

So, to finish things off, image below.

It’s easy for Unicycle.com to get great press in all sorts of business publications. They totally stand out. They did what very few businesses manage to do, build something in a new area, where nothing previously existed.

And did it right.

Thanks for the pic of the cover John. I was stressin’.

Who’s the Hippy with a Banjo on the Coker. Looks like Harper may be getting some competition.:smiley:

What’s a “hippy?”

Somebody from Hippyland . Or maybe someone with wide hips?