Unicycle.com on CBS Evening News tonight

Hi folks!

We’re supposed to be on the Assignment America segment of CBS Evening News tonight (Friday) with Katie Couric. Correspondent Steve Hartman presents three story ideas each Friday night, then viewers vote for their favorite online. The winner will be visited by a camera crew on Monday morning to do a complete story.

I know that this isn’t an election year, but all of us at Unicycle.com (and Banjo.com) will appreciate your vote. The votes are tallied late Saturday night, so please vote as soon as you can. Here’s a link to their Web site:


Thank you!

Am I missing something?

I followed that link but I don’t see anything about voting for a unicycle piece. Am I missing something or what? :thinking:

I’ll vote as soon as I figure out where your clip whatever is so I can vote for it…

Here is the link directly to the poll. Vote “B” and vote often.


ok I voted!

Only your first vote counts.

What! What kind of a democracy is this when a person only gets one vote? :wink:

I voted!!:slight_smile: I hope this wins, that would be great!

Another vote in for a worthy cause! I didn’t see when you find out the results.

Unicycle.com got my vote.

for UDC.
hellz yeah.
if i suck up enough here can i get free stuff? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

…no seriously. Where’s my free stuff?

I voted for the professinal polka dancer.

Thanks guys! Thanks too for the entertaining responses!

We’ll find out who was selected late Sunday. I’ll post a follow-up note then.

Hello John,
It’s a pleaser to vote for UDC. UDC is the greatest. The online catalog is the best, with clear pictures, and the wide selection. The fast order turnaround can not be beat. I know all of that it is hard enough, and puts UDC at the top, but it’s the follow-up to customer questions or concerns, that puts UDC way over the top. Any problems have been fixed quickly and reasonably, questions are always answered with the sound advice.

UDC is a part of the joy of riding a unicycle.

I voted for doing the polka on a floral unicycle.

I’m trying to vote but I get this funky message:

“The following error occurred while voting in the poll assign40: Not a valid referer.”

Any ideas? Could this be a conspiracy by those polka champions? :smiley:


Well it says you might have a conflict with your anti virus software…so disable it long enough to vote…:slight_smile:

That probably means that if you didn’t get to the poll by looking at CBS’s site, they reject your vote.

… But that thing about the polka lady sounded pretty interesting.


I tried voting through the other accounts on my computer but it wouldn’t let me. Good luck!

You can vote as many times as you want if you remove your cookies, or just get rid of the ones from cbs.com

Come on lets get some bots rolling! I don’t know how though… linux geeks go go go