Unicycle.com new items!

UDC has some new trials unicycles.



Hmm. I wonder what hub is on those new splined setups, and if UDC’s planning to offer it by itself. I notice that none of the new unis have any limits listed like prior ones (you know, the disclaimers about them being certified for riders 150 lbs going off drops no more than 12", for instance). It’d be nice to have some new possibilities for making stronger setups at a low price.

EDIT: Oh, I see that they’re also featured on new Nimbus munis, too, starting at very attractive price points. Splined munis with ISIS hubs for less than a DX! I’ll be interested to see how tough these puppies are! Now they only need to put one of these hubs on a 29er and come in under $300, and they’d have offerings for every taste. Way to go UDC!

what do you guys think about the Nimbus 20-inch Trials Cycle with ISIS hub for $228. Would that be stronger than a DX becasue of the ISIS parts? does anyone know what the weight on that one would be or any way i could find out? Looks to be a good unicycle to me but why is it at such a low price, It’s the cheapest unicycle with an ISIS hub i have seen yet.

It is great go for it better than a dx much much better. That is just how ucd works the prices are set up weird I would say that is a fantastic uni and an even better price.

great thats exactly what i thought! i will have to tell my friend to get this since he has now almost ruined his LX now i’m wishing i hadn’t bought my DX:(.

I wouldn’t be regretting your DX–it’s a terrific uni, and it’s been proven through rigorous testing by the uni community to stand up to most anything anyone throws at it (unless you’re a Cody or a Skrobo). These new hubs and cranks haven’t yet, so far as I know. They seem very promising, but being ISIS doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be extremely strong. I’m hopeful that they will prove to be great parts, but if I were looking to buy a uni right now, I’d probably go with something proven first, and let others do the field testing first.

http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1052 = AWESOME that is the best freestyle uni on ucd period and still not the most expensive hahaha…

Ucd is making isis set ups easily available way to go.

Like this?http://www.unicycle.co.nz/images/shop/Nimbus29muniISIS.jpg Not the price I don’t think I didn’t bother to convert if that is needed. Still very awesome.

It looks like UDC has gotten their act together and started selling awesome unis at awesome prices. Props to them.

It’s cool how everything is changing to isis. compatiblity is good.

I was thinking look at the new Quax’s! they look very exciting.

Why wont they sell JUST THE HUB :angry:

Other than that awsome.

Which hub are you talking about?

No not qu-ax at all the nimbus ISIS.

I think ISIS is a nice standard and I’m glad all the splined hubs are moving in that direction. However, I think it’s overkill in a lot of contexts. You can get reasonable square-taper cranks for $12 in a wide variety of lengths; unicycle.com doesn’t sell any splined cranks shorter than 127mm, and the cheapest ones they sell are $76. For a freestyle unicycle, I’d rather have square tapers, and that’s probably true for a big wheel as well, unless it’s a big wheel designed for MUni.

I’d also like to see more movement away from 22.2mm seatposts; that’s not wide enough to deal with the torsional forces we put on our seatposts.

I agree with the above. The 22.2mm seatpost feels like a straw on the old coker and I’d imagine it would be worse on a muni or trials cycle. I’m not too sure what someone would need ISIS cranks under 237mm for though…seems that you’d do mainly road riding on anything shorter than that and you could use square taper for that without any problems.

I think it’s very likely that people would want to use cranks shorter than 127mm on a 20" freestyle unicycle. Actually, it looks like that model (the Nimbus with ISIS hub) ships with 114mm cranks, but uni.com doesn’t sell them separately, at least not yet. But still, a lot of top freestylists use cranks as short as 89mm, and there isn’t a cheap option to get ISIS cranks that short.

I like the looks of the new Onza Limey trials uni. Stylish, esspecially the saddle.