Unicycle.com KH 24" hybrid

Size - 24"
Frame - Unicycle.com
Seat -KH Fusion, a few scuffs on the handles
Rim - KH Free Ride, 42.5mm wide
Tyre - Maxxis Holyroller 24x2.4, fat, good as new
Cranks - can’t remember 152mm, brushed alloy, look nice - spare black 152 pair
Hub - Unicycle.com cromo, taper fit
Pedal - Wellgo alloy, yellow, removable pins, scuffed

All together a splendid looking uni that is great for mucking around, light muni, road and mainly used on towpaths/tracks. Built two summers ago, hardly used last year and not at all this year.

It’s going on ebay as soon as I get some decent pics. But first offer here, say £100, the bits alone are worth far more than that. Get it before the summer goes.


Forgot to say, it’s in Leeds. I can post but I reckon it’s going to cost 10-15 quid.


would you consider selling me it for £100 but including the postage in that price?

Yes, give me a day look into the best way to post it.

Do you have a paypal account?


i do have a paypal account, but don’t fully understand how it works, would you consider putting iton ebay, as buy it now, cheapest possible ad, send me the link and i can pay directly through ebay?

It weighs 7kg and that costs £11.74 Royal Mail standard parcels. So how about we say £90.

Log onto Paypal and select make payment. It asks you for the user’s account name that you want to pay, enter andyDOTtaitATimgtecDOTcom. Obviously substitute the DOT and AT.

Then it will credit my account.

Email me when it’s done and I will post out tomorrow morning, Saturday.


okay mate, i’ll sort that now :slight_smile: