Unicycle.com Japan

Unicycle.com are proud to announce the opening of Unicycle.com Japan. This is a collaboration between our now well established Korean company and a Japanese one. They are now able to offer the Japanese market our products on line through their website at:


Wow! Finally the “western” unicycle market becomes more available to the huge Japanese market! That could turn out to be a very good thing, and lead to changes in Japanese unicycling culture.

Plus give MYS someone to compete with… :slight_smile:

With better availability across the world, comes more exciting exposure and interesting styles. Very cool!

after doing my homework while searching for a 36"… i found the perfect one at unicycle.com U.K. Unfortunately they do not sell it in the U.S. and would would not ship it to me from the U.K. It will be interesting to see what is available in Japan and not to us.

It is not a matter of would not… it is can not. DHL have instigated new volume constraints and the 36" wheels exceed it. :frowning:


oh… i was told it was a weight issue. it still sucks not being able to buy the uni i want from such a seemingly large and global company such as UDC. just my 2 cents.

Congratulations! One wheel, one world… :smiley:

It would be great if the handshaking could go both directions. For instance, I have trouble finding some Japanese parts in the U.S. (ex.: Miyata seat posts).