Unicycle.com is great

Got my order today and realized there was a small specification error.
I called them and they immediately remedied the situation and even edited the spec on the website by the time I hung up the phone.
This is how all businesses should run.

I will certainly do business with them again
Thanks for being a standup company http://unicycle.com/ :smiley:

P.s. It was a very small spec error and not really worth mentioning since most people wouldn’t notice anyway, PM me if you really care to know.


It’s cool to hear your positive comments. Working behind the scenes, there is a huge amount of effort and teamwork required to go from raw materials in Taiwan to assembled product, to shipping that product across the ocean and checking it in the warehouse, and finally to shipping it to the customer door. All told the process takes about 4 months not including the original product development process.

For KHU product, I’ve worked pretty closely with UDC over the past 10 years to try to make this effort as efficient as possible, and I want to say that as a community we are very lucky to have them. It’s a big challenge to get it right most of the time, especially as a small company playing an international game, and it’s important to give UDC due credit.

Without them it would be pretty tough for enough people to get enough good unis to successfully grow our sport internationally. Our sport is way ahead of where it would have otherwise been in the past 10 years, thanks to UDC.


<<<< Dont worry it wasn’t your product LOL

I too work for an online company and know how these little things can really make a diff.
They could have easily said, oh will look into that and never called me back, Instead someone measured the thing in question, admitted it was diff from what I thought I was getting, sent me the right part (only about a $10-$20 Component), fixed the website AND THANKED ME!!!

And sorry to threadjack my own thread but KRIS HOLM is SIIIICK!!!

It’s always nice when you encounter a company that genuinely cares about the customer.

I also had a good experience with UDC’s customer service today, and it was in relation to a KH unicycle I bought several months ago. They certainly exceeded my expectations.

They always make it right. I lov 'em.

Not always… They still didn’t fix the description on the CF base. I had to call my order to make sure they had it.
It says “Available in Miyata base only” but there is a scroll down bar where you can still select KH style base. (KH base is in stock btw)


I have ordered 2 unis from them now. So far they have exceeded my expectations at every turn!


That is not a big problem…

I know but the person posted above me “They always make it right.”

It also made me get my base 1 day later :stuck_out_tongue: Huge problem there.

Fixed! Thanks for the heads-up. Thanks to everybody for the kind words! Keeps those ideas and suggestions coming!

They are great, I got my nimbus X in a few days early and it came with a cool sticker!