Unicycle.com -- IRL!

I had the chance to pay a visit to the good folks over at Unicycle.com in Marietta today. I’ve gotta say it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

First off, everyone there seemed extraordinarily happy to be working there – and with part of the regular workday routine devoted to a company-wide uni-ride, I can hardly blame them!

Also, apparently the same people who run Unicycle.com also run Banjo.com. The first thing I heard when I walked in the door was “Uniclyes or banjos?” How many times in life do you hear that?

Of course, the fact that I went to pick up a shiny new 26-inch KH (God I love it so much…) certainly added to the awesomeness of the experience! I’ve gotta say, it’s a good thing I went into the store, otherwise I wouldn’t have ever thought of picking up the KH double-hole cranks (125mm/150mm) – a steal at 19 bucks!

I could easily continue to gush over how awesome the service/staff/products at Unicycle.com were, but I’m going to go drop my pedals into “fast” mode and take my new ride out on the town!