Unicycle.com in Forbes magazine contest

Dear friends:

We need your vote! We’ve been chosen as one of 20 finalists in the Forbes Magazine Boost Your Business contest. The grand prize is $100,000.00. Many of you know that we’ve outgrown our little warehouse. The award would serve as a down-payment on a new store with more space. That would enable us to put more products in the showroom, making them more accessible to you when you visit.

The contest is now in your hands. Forbes has set up a Web site with details on the 20 finalists. Your vote will determine who is selected to qualify for the top 5. Those 5 will travel to New York City and make a formal presentation to the Forbes staff.

Please vote for us today by clicking on the link below, and please accept our gratitude for helping us reach the finals. Thank you.


Best regards,
John & Amy Drummond

I voted. Bump…

be sure to vote honestly, don’t want this to turn out like the gravity games poll did.

but we can vote negatively for all of the other contestants :wink:

It’s possible to vote again, if you delete your cookies and refresh the page. But then I suppose that defeats the objective of a fair vote, albeit if unicycle.com did get $100,000, it could be only good news for us unicyclists.


I voted, and added a ‘no’ for all the other contestants :slight_smile: UDC is about 8th at the moment, so everyone get voting!

yep i did the same as above. It’d be awesome if u guys win. Even though i hate forbes.

what we could also do, is when it comes down to UDC and another person, is put in fake votes for the other person, so that they get DQ’ed. unless of course you want to win the honest way :roll_eyes:

Does anyone here know noel edmonds?

I know of him, if that’s what you meant.

I think if we help them win, the we should all get some of that $100k, or at least a free KH!!:wink:

Start here to put in your “no” votes for the other contestants. And don’t forget the “yes” for Unicycle.com! What’s good for UDC is good for the worldwide unicycling community. They are not just in this business for themselves.

I voted; we would be nowhere if it wasn’t for unicycle.com.

Yeh thats what I mean, If you take a look at the pic at the top of the voting page you may understand :stuck_out_tongue: :astonished:

If he put on a few pounds then i would agree, I think it’s mostly the hair and beard though.



I voted. Yes(71 %) and No(29 %) and 3893 total votes as of right now. Let’s get more votes in there!

Another vote vote for UDC

their site is really slow - I voted yes, but only got as far as two 'no’s - maybe tomorrow!

My vote’s in. Good luck UDC!

Hey, now!!:smiley: