unicycle.com gipped me

short version-they said they were giving me a 20x2.5 tire and they gave me a 20x1.95 tire. i called them to see if they would make it right… andthey really just blew me off. i read in one of tyler cox’s recent posts that they sent him a white tire when it didnt come with one. ne ways has anyone else had similar problems with unicycle.com. cuz i felt rejected.dig?


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oohhh yeah, there have certainly been similar problems. I just ordered my Profile Hub/Crankset, and now I’m waiting for them to send the wrong product, or forget one of the cranks or something, so I can send it back and have them send me the right one.

Don’t want to explain here, but check out my site with a few of ways unicycledotcom has screwed over my friends and I: http://geocities.com/unicuber/unicycledotcom.html

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Are you sure? They wouldn’t blow you off like that. Also, if the tire came on a unicycle it wouldn’t fit. They make mistakes but they do correct them. Call them up, and if the person who answers isn’t helpful, ask for John or Amy.

You sure you were not mistaken on your order? I’m not sure if there is even a 20x2.5 in production. I could be wrong about this but the largest 20" tire I’ve heard of is the Onza 20x2.3

on a side not about tires the dual compound hookwork is a 20x1.95 and sure does look sweet in white and black.
Link to Image

Chex, that is a nice tire. But personally, I like the orange/black HW.

After a quick check on Unicycle.com, the only 20x2.5 tires I saw were Trials tires. Are you sure you ordered a 20x2.5? I have seen some 20x2.5 (that fit on a 20 inch rim) tires at a bike shop. I believe they came on a new Giant Cruiser (I don’t think it was the stiletto, but I could be wrong).

I have a 20" x 2.5" tire on my summit. Its got a 19" rim unlinke most 20" unis.


Uni.com has made several mistakes on my orders. However, they have ALWAYS make good when I called them.

I’ve had some fun experiences (read with extreme sarcasm) with the “customer support” of some large organizations. SBC/Cingular in particular.

While they do make mistakes, it’s nice to deal with a company in which you can talk to somebody that actually cares about customer service. Amy and John have always taken care of any problems I’ve had.

My experiences with SBC/Cingular have reminded me of that.

I always wondered how they can stil get away with that.

On the bright side, when the pedal ripped out of the crank on my Torker CX, they sent replacement cranks free of charge. Granted they were the wrong size, but they sent the proper sized ones for free as well. Now I have a spare pair of cranks.

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Dude, not cool.

Anyone who is been riding a uni or 5 has done business with unicycle.com. I admit to having a glitch here and there with not only them but other uni sources. Every company and/or person is gonna make a mistake.

The telling point is what happens after the mistake is brought to their attention. Uni.com has been superb in dealing with any problems on my orders that have presented themselves, and not all orders have problems. That’s why I am and will continue to be a returning customer. Great customer service.

Ranting on an internet forum, soliciting other negative posts through a public bitch session? We all know they read this forum as well and while this may indeed get their attention to resolve this situation, you can bet they could care less about your business in the future. I wouldn’t.

After this is resolved, are you gonna at least start a message thread telling the world how uni.com took care of you and got you what you had coming? But by reading some of these other posts, It sounds like it is your fault… ordering a tire brand that doesn’t exist in that size.

Ed Hansen

My experiences with uni.com have always been positive. Just discuss it with them and give them a chance to make it right.

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Ditto. I also have a business that does a lot of shipping, and if any of you have a way of getting shipping errors to 0% while allowing the majority of my orders to be shipped within 24 hours and not cost me more than the business makes I’d love to hear it.

I can assure you that the last thing they want to do is have a order ship out incorrectly. It cost them time and money. Many times when a mistake like this occurs, it costs more to fix the problem than they made on the initial sale.

It is also very well known in this forum that John and Amy take care of misshipments when they occur, so if your are not getting the resolution you want, there must be more to the story.

i’ve ordered from unicycle.com from my friendly local bike shop who, is of course, an authorized dealer. the bike shop has occasionally screwed non-uni orders up for me, so if they ever mess up a uni order(haven’t so far, knocks on wood) i’d probably blame them.

well when i caleld them to see if they could correct it, they were very short on words


Originally posted by AllThingsUni
[B]well when i caleld them to see if they could correct it, they were very short on words

Like we don’t have a 20 x 2.5" tire.

Unless you ordered a trials tire which wont fit a standard 20" rim, I’m not sure what they could do to help you. is it for a trials 19" rim and they sent you a standard tire by mistake?

What kind of uni is the tire for?


I just recently ordered a 20" LX for my son. When it arrived, there was no frame. Just a seat and post, wheel and cranks, and pedals. I called them that evening. They apologized profusely. Then, they got the rest of the order on the way the next day and threw in a free t-shirt for the inconvenience.

IMO, they covered their error VERY professionally.


For a while I’ve defended unicycle.com… but honestly I would order from Roger before Amy and John. I live in Florida if that says anything to anyone.

We are all running into the same problems, over and over… and possibly over again.

Get organized, find a new system, do something. It’s wonderful that they provide great customer service, but hell sometimes I just want the right parts at the right time.

Amy and John,
I know you guys are slammed and that your company is most likely expanding exponentially, but please build an organized infrastructure as your business expands.

there are 20"x2.5" tyres.

they are either Lunas or montys or maxxis creepy crawlers…

its the RIM thats 19" because trials TYRES have huge sidewalls that make up the extra 1"

i totaly agree.

its hard to belive that many orders are still getting messed up after so many years of increasing sales. thats not the way business’s usally increase their sales. ive never had a mistake from Bedford in 7 orders and hes in another country !

i think Banjo.com has somthing to do with it too. they may be spead to thin. Also i dont know if its like this anymore but a year ago they had 12 years olds boxing up the orders…

anyway, im ordering from them tonite, i cant wait to see what i get…one thing i always get is the “in case your new to unicycling…Tips” letter. they have never forgot that and i have about 40 of them.

the packing of the boxes needs help to…why do thousand dollar unicycles get put in three dollar boxes? and spare parts get the run of the whole box, loose and flying around in there for 8 days till its at my house? a bad pack job cannot be blamed on UPS.

I am fortunate enough to have Christmas year round. Many of my orders with unicycle.com have been similiar to Secret Santa programs… I know how much money I’m going to spend, and I know within reason when the package is going to arrive, but there is one downside.

I never know what I’m going to recieve or the condition of it.

I agree too, they say they make mistakes while trying to get every order sent within 24 hours. How about you change that to 48 hours, and make sure everything that you’re shipping off is what you’re supposed to be shipping off.