Unicycle.com/Forbes contest update

Dear friends:

Thank you for supporting us in this Forbes.com Boost Your Business contest. We’re honored and humbled by your support. We reached the finals because of your votes, and we’re grateful.

The final phase of this contest will end tomorrow, November 30. The vote tally shows that it’s still a very close race. At this moment we’re in 4th place. Only 391 votes separate us from the first-place position. With your help, we can still win!

Winning this contest will mean that we can invest the $100,000 grand prize in a new, larger facility. This will include a training area for new riders, and a practice area for trials and off-road riding. We plan to dedicate the facility to you, our customers. We get to do something we love doing every day because of you. We have made many improvements to our products and processes during the past eight years, and they have been all about serving you better.

We’re asking for your vote one more time. When you click on the link below, you’ll find that Forbes has not made the voting process easy. You must first register on their website before you can vote. We’re asking you to persevere and make your vote count. Please also forward this request to your family, friends, and those within your circle of influence.


Again, we thank you for continuing to support our small enterprise. May God bless each of you this holiday season.

John & Amy Drummond

Done. You’re right it’s a bit of a hassle, but nothing a minute or two time investment can’t overcome. BUMPING this thread in hope some others will register and vote. Looks like UDC is slipping in the poll a bit, so let’s show some support for unicycling folks.

come on, if we get like 5% of this forum to vote, UDC will crush the other competitors

No kidding, If half of the people from this forum take 3 minutes to vote(and no excuses cause your on a forum so you definitely have time) UDC would crush the others like pygmy goats.

I finally voted! Yes!
Now lets all crush some pygmy goats!

vote vote vote!

It was easy. I didn’t do it before because I procrastinate and thought it would be intrusive…

But it wasn’t… it was very easy. Done in 3 minutes and I won’t be late for work…

Vote! We can do this today!

Keep bumping the thread. :slight_smile:

Do it people come on! I already voted. Vote or die.


every one of you that reads this thread has to vote. Don’t think “oh, one vote won’t make much difference” because if everyone thinks that, then where would we be?
please take three minutes of your time to vote for unicycle.com- it will make a difference!!!

Voted :slight_smile: And the guy above me is right! VOTE PEOPLE, VOTE!

yeah listen to the guy above the guy above me!



Pay attention to this constant bumping that I’m doing! vote!

c’mon guys! the brownies are beating us! think about it!

can you ride down the street on a brownie?

can you drop a stair set on a brownie to prove to some kid that they aren’t “gay”?

unicycles kick brownie’s -------- so prove it! vote for unicycle.com!

anyway, I feel a bit lonely on this thread.

Yes please; it’s not that tough. Just do it! But if you’re like that guy in the other thread, don’t bother if you don’t feel you can vote for udc.

Ok, you talked me into it. I voted. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:


Do you people understand how much money $100,000 is? Cause it seems like you don’t since UDC isn’t ahead right now! Come now folks, I’ve only been unicycling for a couple months and I voted. It really isn’t very hard. If they win this it will be a boost for the unicycling community!

Wow, talk about a motivational pep talk…

Good luck, Drummonds! I’m posting the link to Forbes on the NYUC website (over 275 members). Let’s hope they can swing the vote!

look guys, earlier in the voting unicycle.com had loads of support from you, but where is that support now, when it really counts? whats the point in getting them this far then abandoning them? if you really care about your sport, then vote now!!