Unicycle.com expand to Russia and Czech Republic

We are proud to announce 2 new Unicycle.com franchises

Russia and Czech Republic.

With their existing retail businesses they have an effective distribution system that they believe will dramatically expand the availability of unicycles in Russia. They have been running a unicycle school in Moscow for the last few years and have an active presence on Facebook.

Their website should be up and running fully soon, but you can contact them now either by email, phone or facebook.

Czech Republic
Petr and Marcel make a very effective team. Petr will be known in the Czech republic for his riding as he is a keen Muni and trials rider. Marcel has many years of business experience. Their aim is to create a functional community on line for the Czech republics unicyclists and offer them seriously good service.

Their website again is showing just a landing page currently but will go live within a month when their container of goodies arrive.

Landing page
I am sure you will notice, we have a new landing page on Unicycle.com.



Congrats on new shops and nice to have new option close to Poland :slight_smile: