Unicycle.com does it again! WoW

I ordered a red Miyata like carbon fibre/air seat with a Roach nylon cover on Monday from Unicycle.com. Amy told me they were really backed up on orders and that it probably wouldn’t ship for another 4 days or so. I called the next day and tacked on a pair of Wellgos in black to my order. Today, Thursday, I recieved my package from Unicycle.com. Damn these guys work fast!
Here’s my review.
Carbon fibre/Air Miyata seat:
color: the red is a nice color (adds speed)
comfort: wow, literally like riding on air. I LOVE this seat.
pros: looks more stylish, more comfortable, can take a beating.
cons: dont have roach cover on firm yet, carbon fibre is hard on hands for seat in front hopping.

Wellgo pedals (black):
color: black will go good with the black Profiles I’m getting.
comfort: better pedal grippage than the plastic terds I was using
pros: good grip, same as my S&M pedals, don’t spin as fast
cons: dumb reflectors that had to be removed (15 seconds), eat the crap out of your legs (even though I ride with protection they always find a spot)

concerning seat in front hopping:
Go to your local hardware store and ask for a peice of plastic tube. It will probably cost bout 79cents for a foot long peice.

Cut a slit along the side of the tube, lenthwise.

Kinda push the sides of the tube apart and put it onto the side of the seat.
It should just stay by itself but a little duct tape never hurts. you will want to cut the tube shorter then a foot, so it fits on your seat.

I did this and it makes it very comfortable.

I cant really tell if I did a horible job on the explaination cause I understand it. So if you dont get it then its all my fualt.


ps, sory aboot tha speling, and the grammering.

Photos, please.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or will save a thousand of Harper’s asking for them.

We’ve gone the plastic tube route and it really makes a difference when holding onto the side of the seat during seat out skills. We recently installed a new fridge with water and ice in the door. I used the extra plastic tubing from the water line which seemed to be the perfect diameter, not too bulky but enough to take the edge off the bottom lip of the Miyata seat.


yoopers wrote:
We recently installed a new fridge with water and ice in the door.

How long will it be before Unicycle.com stocks these? A unicycle with a fridge and ice-in-the-door would be neat. But all those Coker heads and Muniers would probably be sneaking up behind you and filling their bottles while you weren’t looking!:wink: