unicycle.com closed

I got up this morning and went to look at the price for the myarta air seat and found that unicycle.com was “temporary closed” is this because of the security breaches lately??? when will it reopen? what is the meaning of life? how much wood would a wood chuck chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Someone had hacked into the “store” part of the site (not the order/credit card/money part) and caused all sorts of havoc, necessitating numerous shutdowns. I expect the site is being shored up, security patches are being added, and damage is being repaired.

Damn hackers…

I noticed that too. The catalog they still have isn’t much help, as it doesn’t have all products, less organized, and no prices. How long do we have to wait? Or does anyone even know?
By the way: A wood chuck would chuck all the wood he could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.

if somone needs a price on somthing,just ask me.im sure ive got that whole thing memorized :roll_eyes:

Re: unicycle.com closed

John Foss is correct; we’ve taken our site down to apply security releases. If all goes as planned, it’ll be up tomorrow. Cheers to our Neil Dunlop, MUni rider and the official Website developer for Unicycle.com. He has become an integral part of our te

John @ Unicycle.com

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>I noticed that too. The catalog they still have isn’t much help, as it
>doesn’t have all products, less organized, and no prices. How long do we
>have to wait? Or does anyone even -know-?
>By the way: A wood chuck would chuck all the wood he could chuck if a
>wood chuck could chuck wood.
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I want to get a Miyata saddle with seatpost to go on my torker, but i also want the roach cover and air pillow.

Area code 62301 3-day shipping

How much?



the Miyata seat is like 35 bucks,the seat post is $18.the Roach cover i think is $25 and the air pillow was 12 dollars last time i looked.

depending on what kind of Torker you have,if you have a Black one you will need a seat tube shim to bring the size down from 25.4 to 22.2.those shims are 10 bucks.if you have a Chrome Torker you dont need one.

as for shipping,it will be anywhere from 6 to 8 dollars,thats just a guess. :sunglasses:

Re: X-Wonka

Jagur, can’t you step up and be a little more helpful here? Trade some of that scrap iron you got from UniBrier to someone else for used versions of all the stuff X-Wonka wants, then trade it over to him for a mixture of cash and indentured servitude credits. When traditional commerce grinds to a halt, the barter system needs to step into the void… :wink:



Wow. That’s amazing.

But i’m willing to bet that the shipping will be more like $15-$25

What do you use the torker for? The Roach cover will give you lots of air in your saddle, but along with that you get a lot of bounciness. This isn’t too good for freestyle, if that’s what you’re doing. And it’s probably a bit overkill for anything but Muni or touring. Just a plain Miyata cover with a well-installed airseat is pretty comfy. The only thing I’d say against that plan is that the stitching on the Miyata cover will come apart if you over inflate it.

Anyway, good luck.



all that stuff isnt going to weigh more than 5 or 6 pounds depending on the box they pack it in,so the shipping will never be as high as $15 unless you want 3-day.


im acually using all that iron that i traded from UniBrier,its the rust buckets that they replaced that i’d like to get rid of.

of course (as Murphys law goes) the thing that i traded is what i most need now,i will most likely have buy another one since bar-ends dont fit around 27.2 posts.i had no idea i would ever need that agian till about 2 weeks ago.i have A KInport adapter but i need to mount a lever to it somehow.

trading sure is fun,im working on another load of Odds and ends to sell here pretty quick.

Re: X-Wonka


Why would you pay three day shipping when you live two days for regular ground, hypothetically speaking? That would be 79.95 plus shipping.

It is good to know that John’s customers are mad as the ones in the UK! YES you lot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for your patience. This is quite stressful for us.

Both John’s team and ours are still functioning, we can reply to emails and phone calls. I would suggest that you take the email route for enquires to keep the phone lines free for ordering… this helps us in the uk any way.

Phone: 0800 980 0711
Fax: 01642 361 254

I would agree with what John has said about Neil, he is such an absolute star! and the hackers are such scum.

My guess is that it will take a couple of days to get the work complete. But this is only a guess. We will post here when we do come back. :slight_smile:


For riders in the U.S., many of you preparing for NAUCC, remember you can also call 1-800-UNICYCLE!

Its good to see that you have someone who is so good working for you. But I have to disagree (partly) about hackers being scum, some hackers are DEFINATLY scum, no doubt about it, but on the other hand some hackers are good! About 12 months ago I did some work for a local collage (I was hired by them) trying to secure there web servers and the in house computers because a number of students where hacking into the system to cheet, what did i have to do? well i had to expose all the cracks in there system and try to get past there security (I had to hack them) When i was about 13 i started trying to hack into computers (I was young and stupid) over the years I aquired a meca of skill at doing just this, it wasn’t untill i was older and realised what i was doing realy was pointless that i decided to put my skill to good use. I worked for about 2 weeks on the collage computers and made my recomendations, all of them where put into place and since then not a single student has been able to get it, so as you can see ther are two types of hackers, those on the right side of the law and those on the wrong. Personaly i love working in IT security and think its a great job, i am about to start work soon as a network administrator for a large company in my city and am looking forward to doing my thing.

P.S. In new zealand hacking isn’t ilegal, its only when you change something that it is…

We are back. :slight_smile:

It is always fun when Neil plays with the cart you get suprises. :slight_smile:
He has added another index on the Shop home page to help with navigation. Hope you all like it.

I understand he is working on the FAQ navigation in the same way with exandable index to left and static columns in the centre. Has anyone noticed that the FAQ has expanded dramtically?

Roger at unicycle.uk.com