unicycle.com censoring reviews?

I posted a while back about the nimbus gel, and also posted up a review on their website, however, right now I only see 2 older reviews for the nimbus gel. Can anybody else see my post? I can’t help but wonder if they intentionally took the review down because it was unfavorable.

I just see two reviews for now (like the link on the left of your screenshot).

However, it may just be a moderation thing (somebody needs to read it before it gets published openly) and they are behind on this topic (the other two are from 2013).

A bit frustrating for sure but less than UDC delaying packing and shipping to do some comments moderation on the site :wink:

yea, I know they’ve gotten smaller over the years. . . I swore there were even more reviews there at one time though. I still have trouble with the site from time to time when trying to order from a specific browser or phone. No issues on the UK side though, so idk if it’s on my end or theirs.

Was your review on this generation of the nimbus gel saddle? Maybe the deleted all reviews related to the previous generation when this one came.

I submitted a less-than-flattering review of one of their helmets a few years ago. It never appeared on the website. I haven’t bothered reviewing anything else since.

I don’t remember the dates of when that saddle came out, that’s entirely possible, but the two still there are from 2013, my review was still valid for the current saddle.

I recently got a new style Nimbus saddle from unicycle.com - not as good as the older ones. The older ones have the Nimbus logo embroidered on the back, nice thick vinyl, and are generally better quality. The newer one just has printed logos that wear off very quickly (although the one on the top of the saddle seems good), and the vinyl is pretty thin. That said, it’s not expensive, and is a decent saddle :slight_smile: