Unicycle.com Canada Count down Sale

This is allways a quite time of the year for us. With back to school people just are not thinking unicycle. So we decided to have an amazing sale to put you in the mood.

We picked 3 unicycles and droped the price each day. One sold yesterday but the other two are priced amazing.


Spelling aside 2 customers just got amazing deals. Today was a busy day working for customers.

I will try to adjust the spelling for those customers that miss the message.

but the uni’s are all out of stock, how do you order them?

We only put one of each on this sale - two of them sold yesterday shortly after we posted this. – gotta act fast for great deals.

web site quote:
Sale starts Aug 24th , 2012…

Buy it now at an already great price, or wait to see if the price drops even further? This is the dilemma with our Countdown Sale!

We only have a limited amount of products available and the price will drop 2 twice a day until they are completely sold out… Don’t let someone else grab your deal!

I got myself a gold 28" Ultimate Wheel :smiley:

Thanks guys, it was worth the wait!