Unicycle.com better own in forbes contest!

Hey everybody!

So just in case you didn’t hear already Unicycle.com is in the forbes small business contest where the grand prize is $100,000!!! The bad news is they are in last place! :astonished: They need your help to win. If you haven’t voted then vote. It would be really great if they won.

Thanks a lot!

Is there a voting link you can post for all to see?

Theres link about it on udc in the whats up section.

Here’s the info. Go vote for your favorite. I’m easily bribed with brownies.

You’ll have to register for the Forbes forums before you can cast a vote.

Then go to the Boost Your Business contest page to vote.

The video presentation by UDC is informative, especially for those not already familiar with their business plan.

I already voted. UDC FTW!!!