+1. I don’t care that it’s not up yet, but I would really like an update!

Still working on it. Theres alot of work involved. The wait shouldnt be to much longer.

Unicycle.com Australia is indeed an Australian company, make no bones about it. As Peter Bier pointed out www.unicycle.com.au was occupied for many years by a software company, so the alternative .au.com URL was used.
The predecent for ‘au.com’ is the UK site’s URL which is www.unicycle.uk.com.

I’m sure it is :stuck_out_tongue:

All I’m saying is that Australian company URL’s finish in “.com.au”

any news yet kidmuni?

Just waiting for our shipment.
We will have something up for yous sooon :wink:

>.< its unbearable.

I know, I can’t wait myself!
Will be awesome.

anything yet kidmuni?

NO :angry: just wait.I know its taking forever and you really want to buy some parts but we have to be patient and wait for the delivery.Posting all the time wont make it any faster

If your dealing with Koxx, youd better get used to long waits. :stuck_out_tongue:


From what I’ve heard they are stuck in customs and its wanted to know what the fabric of the clothing are but Yoggi isn’t around so yea…

yeah they will be ready soon. don’t you all worry. should be up in like a week, i’m sure kevin will update soon.
p.s. that customs shit is true. pretty gammin aye.

You seem to know alot about this too and supporting and promoting it. I know Kevin is sponsered by them so he knows a bit, what about you?

Reef is sponsored too.
But I help with the imports and customers. :sunglasses:

What about a price on a strong seatpost. Broke mine this week. :frowning:

Just buy one from UDCA for now. All our parts are coming in the next order. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up

YAY the suspense is killing me, and so is my uni so I need a new unicycle soon!