For those who don’t know, there is a new site opening just for us Aussies, it’s called unicycle.com.au! This site will offer koxx one unicycles for the first time in oz!

I think that this site will be great competition for unicycle.com! (They might have to higher their standards!)

Hopefully this site will open at the end of August, yes that soon! Here’s the link: http://www.unicycle.com.au/ And for those who would like a bit more info I suggest you PM kidMuni!

But thats my opinion, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

that site is gon be awesome. i will love it.

Oh, i agree with you on that. Considering they have the KH36 and a funky Green KH unicycle. :smiley:

ITs gonna pwn. WE love you Kidmuni ^^ TRY ALL tires for all!!


unicycle.com.au is the best. whenever i break unicycle parts, ima get new parts from unicycle.com.au
ima also get i k1 soon, cos i like them. and it’s cheap as chips…

Wondering, is unicycle.com.au only going to sell k1 parts n that? or other brands too?

They will sell
Try-all, Koxx, Koxx-one, :slight_smile:

Well, August ends real soon. Please post again when the site is up and running. I have a few purchases I might make.

I think it reminds me of a local discount store…I’ve ridden in lol! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just too bad they don’t have cool unis too!:frowning:



I wish the US unicycle.com had Try-All tires and koxx-one parts. The only trial tire the US one has is the CC.:frowning:

I got my Try-all from renegade juggling, which is in the US! I’m not sure though if they still stock the tires and accessories.

[threadjack]they do, i just ordered a k1 should be shipped on september 8th [threadjack]

have fun with unicycle.au!

I thought thought that domain was related to The Gap bike shop in Queensland? From memory Andrew Carter who used to post here was one of their riders.

No, that domain has been sat on for years by a software company which wrote server software.

It is why Unicycle.com Australia ended up with the domain name

It is going to be really confusing having two different unicycle companies with two very similar urls.

i can put up with confusing URL’s if there is some price competition going on for once in the Oz market.

I know nothing about Australian law, but it’s quite likely that a lawyer would take the view that they are passing themselves off as a part of the unicycle.com group if that’s their only URL. I hope the website design (not just the cool logo) is significantly different and they have a disclaimer…
good luck to them though!

Well technically, www.unicycle.au.com is not a recognised company domain name in Australia. They might well be within their rights to demand that Unicycle.com Australia change its URL.

All Australian companies go for the “.com.au” suffix. You need to be an Australian incorporated company in order to get anything with .com.au at the end of it. I have never heard of an Aussie company with “.au.com” at the end of it. So they probably have the rights to the “unicycle” company domain name in Australia.

In NZ it’s “.co.nz” and in the UK I think it’s “.co.uk”.


I don’t think that they will be much competition for each other because one sells k1 and the other sells every thing else!

www.unicycle.com.au will be better then.

Well today is the 31st of August, and it still isn’t open…