Unicycle.com.au NOW OPEN!

Hi everyone, we’re all sorry about the long wait but there is finally an Australian site that focuses on Koxx-One. Sick aye. www.unicycle.com.au is here!!!

The site is really easy to navigate around and is very cool. I really like it, Mark Wharton and Kevin Wharton both did an excellent job on the site, so thanks guys!

Anyway, this was what Mark Wharton had to say about the site in another thread:

Well have fun looking around the new site and good luck buying anything if you are going to buy something.

And yes, everyone who has already bought Koxx-ones through Kevin personally and Kevin and I really love our new unicycles, they’re so good.


Nice work on the website my friend. Looks clean and everything is in order.

Keep up the good work too also. :smiley:

Thanks Harry…

cool, looks good.

I noticed that you are selling the 26" Track Monster with a 3" tire, someone told me that it would not fit anything bigger than a 2.6 or 2.7, Maybe I should have ordered a trackmonster instead of building up my custom wheel, ah well.

Good luck and hopefully you spread to unicycling bug.

Kevin got a green XTP, what did you get Reef ?



Kool site. But I was hoping you would have individual parts for sale, not just whole unicycles.

O and I think the unicycles are very well priced compared to their prices in other parts of the world and even other unicycle brands in Australia.

We will be getting parts in our next order :wink:

Thanks everyone!

Sorry, the tyre on the Track Monster 26" is actually a 2.5. We have fixed it up on our site. Thanks for pointing it out!

always glad to help :slight_smile:

Yay! I want a cow seat :slight_smile:

you can just make one its pretty easy ill make a tutorial on making seats soon

or just buy one and keep this website going:)

well done, you have done a great job.

Pretty sweet!

I feel like I should buy something from it. Would be one expensive t-shirt.

Thanks everyone :smiley:

I shall be placing an order over the weekend i reckon :slight_smile:

good on you mate… good luck with it.