Unicycle.com and their shamless self promotional logos

Personally I go for functionality over looks so sticker’s et al. wouldn’t bother me in the same way that VW, Ford etc. put their names and badges on their products and that doesn’t bother me.

Some people customise their cars for looks some for functionality and the same goes for unicycles. If you want your unicycle to look a specific way there is a wealth of information been posted on here with some really creative designs.

Self promotion by companies is pretty much par for the course nowadays, as for the unicycle.com logo I quite like the new one.


Wow my KH only came with one sticker on the inside if the fork leg… :thinking:

The biggest difference I see is that Unicycle.com for the most part is a distributor not a manufactuor. When Torker or Kris Holm Manufactuors brand a product they have the right to do so as they are the ones making the product and simply passing it on to distributors like Unicycle.com and Other companies to sell. You see this done with many other manufactuors Cars, Bikes, and many more manufactors put their name on a product to brand it.

If you look at what Unicycle.com does placing stickers and now badges on unicycles is branding a product 2nd hand. If we expected this sort of branding in everyday life it wouldd see not only the product brand but the brand of the store from where you purchased that product. I know when I go and buy clothes I would be pissed off to see the brand of the clothing store I got it from. By positioning itself as a distributor and not as a manufactuer Unicycle.com infrindges on customers rights. Now some may concider this infrindgement acceptable but it is still pushing a social order in a way that sets a precident for everything we own to be branded multiple times by every company involved in the process by which we purchase it.

I for one do not like the idea that they are branding other manufactuers goods. I mean what is next when you buy your KH Unicycle a tag from Unicycle.com as well as Imported by Globex Shipping, Delivered to you by UPS?

Checkernuts You have my vote. Well said!

Yea not really that passage is full of grammer and spelling errors. Sorry folks I just woke up when I was typing that out. I think you get the basic idea though.

mmm, it just struck me now that many of us use browsers or toolbars with special ‘Pop-Up Ad blockers’
since we can’t get the same functionality for physical merchandise, we need to make sure the vendor knows how ‘we’ feel about this issue

how ideal a venue this is to achieve that remains open for discussion
a friendly email to the vendor might do the trick?


That’s exactly my point. I expected it with my torker because well it’s a torker. I would have expected it if there were nimbus stickers all over the nimbus. I did not expect it from unicycle.com. That would be like walmart or target labeling everything your purchased with irreversable, un-removable labels so everyone in the world knew where you purchased that item.

I believe word of mouth is the best advertising ever.

Torker and Kris Holm aren’t manufacturers, they design products that are manufactured in Taiwan, in the same way as the Unicycle.com own brand items such as Nimbus II / Yuni unicycles are.

Many ‘manufacturers’ nowadays don’t even design products and contract out even the design part, just putting their label on it at the end. It’s rumoured that several large bike companies do this. Companies like Dell and even design led companies like Apple have large amounts of their design work outsourced.

As for Kris Holm stuff, Kris Holm hubs were designed with the help of Roger of Unicycle.com and I know that he was involved in the design and testing of lots of a lot of other things that we now see as normal on most unicycles. I don’t see whats odd if he sticks a little sticker on the unicycles he sells.

I’d expect unicycle.com stickers on Nimbus and Yuni unicycles, what with them being the unicycle.com own brand, designed and sold by unicycle.com.

I don’t really see what’s odd about this, most bike shops put stickers on the bikes they sell. I think it’s only fair if they give more service than just being a person who distributes boxes, which at least in the UK, unicycle.com definately does. They’re pretty much the reason quality unicycling equipment is easily available and the reason there’s a market for products like the KH unis. Without them or someone equivalent you just would never have been able to get any of this stuff.


I agree. But I do not think the stickers damaged anything. From the description I read, destructive measures were used to remove the sticker(s) in question. A sticker should never be powerful enough to remove chrome along with it. I don’t believe this. This would either mean there was a serious defect in the plating, or that the sticker was removed with some sort of gouging instrument.

Sticker removal:
Stickers on chrome are, for the most part, easy to remove. The main ingredient is a good adhesive dissolver. I have had great results with lacquer thinner. Similar substances work as well, including nail polish remover. Let the chemicals do the work on the adhesive, and then peel (or carefully scrape) the sticker away while applying more.

I have removed countless stickers from unicycles (and cars) over the years. I keep a set of unicycle-related stickers on all my cars, and have to make “updates” to them annually, as the California sun bakes most of them eventually. Though some stickers last longer than others, very few hold up more than a few years in the sun. My car lives outside.

The hardest stickers to remove were the head tube stickers on the old Miyatas. They seemed to have a glittery background embedded into the adhesive. But after riding the unicycle a while, your foot would destroy the sticker and it would look better removed.

Stickers on painted surfaces are another story. Harder to remove, because you can’t use such destructive chemicals. I don’t like car dealer stickers. If I bought a car and it came with a dealer sticker on the paint, I would bring it back and ask them to remove it. But that’s a car of course, something I didn’t order from many states away.

I’m sorry for the people who were surprised by the Unicycle.com branding on stuff they ordered. I know that, for some peoples’ tastes, it is excessive. If you have complained here on the newsgroup but not to Unicycle.com, you are just complaining and not asking for change. Don’t forget to contact them with your feedback.

From Checkernuts:

I get this all the time. Cars from car dealers. Computers. Most of what I buy in the supermarket (Kroger, or Kirkland, didn’t make it!) Every bike I ever bought from a bike shop.

But Unicycle.com are not a bike shop. They are one of the few places people can order from a selection of unicycles. The main impediment to the growth of unicycling before the “Unicycle.com era” was lack of availability, and lack of choice for buyers. As well as lack of information. Unicycle.com has changed this.

Huh? Of course you always retain the right to not buy it. The problem here was the expectation of a product that came delivered looking slightly different. This has been a constant in the cycling industry, but is not necessarily a good thing. Because the products and components make minor changes so often, it’s not possible to keep up with new product photos every time. Perhaps the site needs a disclaimer, if there isn’t one there already, that states that the product you receive may differ in some details from the photo.

But you bought your unicycle from Unicycle.com. They are proud of this, and want the world to know. I like having the Unicycle.com stickers on my unicycles. People ask where it came from, and the answer is right there. Nothing too hard to remember; when they get home they can type it into their browser and they’re connected.

That’s why I always keep unicycling stickers on my car. To tell people unicycling is cool. And also, with stickers like “unicycle.com,” so people know there’s a place to go to find out more about getting their own.

have you seen the stickers? they are HUGE! in the past i have purchased items form bike shops and the bike shop stickers are discrete, also i have bought parts for other uni and bike related items and the stickers came the way i like my gravy “on the side”

the images on unicycle.com USA do not give the impression you will be a rolling billboard, not to mention if you order a chrome unicycle you want a chrome unicycle!

Chrome is sexi, big fat stickers are not so sexi.

Jen Jen;

I am with you! If companies want to display their logos, they should offer a discount for that. I don’t mind advertising for someone who makes a superior product and has classy logo’s, but I take exception with those who place unremovable logos and promotion on their products.

Nowadays, it seems that every company wants you to advertise for them, and for free.

With very few exceptions, all logo’s and promotions come off my purchased immediately. If they cannot come off I do not buy them! Now make that logo classy and with decent art and I may make an exception to the rule.

I would like to see unicycle.com do a better job with their online catalog pictures. Many of the pictures do NOT match the item descriptions.

Re: Unicycle.com and their shamless self promotional logos

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“Checkernuts” <Checkernuts@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com>

> I for one do not like the idea that they are branding other manufactuers
> goods. I mean what is next when you buy your KH Unicycle a tag from
> Unicycle.com as well as Imported by Globex Shipping, Delivered to you by
> UPS?

Perhaps we could go the NASCAR route, displaying stickers in exchange
for price reductions.

Let’s see… we could have Johnson & Johnson Band Aids and Ace bandages,
Bactine, Bufferin, Gatorade, Powerbar, Vans, Pearl Izumi stickers …
…[warning: bad unicycle joke] i suppose the case could made for Levitra

Thus, a nice KH MUni will always cost a lot, but a Coker will be nearly
free. :slight_smile:


Are we? I think I should go home then!

(in Taiwan, talking to the manufacturer sorting out the spec for next years unicycles.)

A… HA!

Come to think of it, Torker doesn’t make unicycles either. They are a d-i-s-t-r-i-b-u-t-o-r. But they don’t do much to promote unicycling or make information more accessible. They do not sponsor riders or events. They do not come to conventions. This is mostly because they are a b-i-c-y-c-l-e distributor. Unicycles are a tiny footnote to their business, as for most bike companies. This is why Unicycle.com, and Bedford, and The Unicycle Factory (who puts stickers on as well) are different.

Yeah I really hate those tick/jumping cat/three stripes etc. that are part of their products :wink:

Unicycle.com are not just a box shifter.

Who is or isn’t a manufacturer is off the main topic.

Is there anyone here who when they order their next unicycle from unicycle.com or Bedford is going to specifically request that it come without any stickers on it or that the seat not have embroidered branding? I’d be interested in the outcome.

Re: Unicycle.com and their shamless self promotional logos

In article

> (in Taiwan, talking to the manufacturer sorting out the spec for next
> years unicycles.)

vous le homme!


brave sir stupid is played by max monningh, <betatron@earthlink.net>

John I believe you mis understood me. I was not trying to attack Unicycle.com in the way in which they bring over a large selection of unicycles and parts from over seas and domestically. I was however trying to point out that they brand goods in which they had to my knowledge very little input on the creative side of fabrication. Any one can reproduce a manufactured item in a warehouse given the proper tools. This goes to a large part with Cars, Bikes and every other product made. The only limits being placed on copy write infringement and there are very few from what I have seen concerning unicycles.

By importing goods they can introduce products that meet their criteria for manufacturing. This is what it sound like to me that Roger is doing currently and I support 100% for them to put their logo where ever they want on these products. This also goes with the Velo seats which are produced in a variety of different specifications to materials used for the covers. There is a difference between a KH seat and a Unicycle.com seat both made by velo if the seat covers differ in appearance, material used or by differences in design aka: the FUSION cover.

The other option is seems is that Unicycle.com can order from others who have the give (often the same) producers specifications for making a product of their own. Then these goods are sold to Unicycle.com as final products. Because there is a lack of creative input from unicycle.com I believe that they do not have the right to brand these products under their own name. This is what I was referring to with the Kris Holm Unicycles as well as Torker, Sun, and any other companies in which unicycle.com is the 2nd party.

Placing a discrete sticker on these products is one thing

That is great John your proud to show that you bought your products from Unicycle.com, Kroger’s or wherever. I must tell you though that that is not universal. I do not mind a discrete sticker on my unicycle saying Unicycle.com if you have problems please call XXX or something similar to what most bike shops place on the butted end of a down tube. I have rarely seen these stickers be larger than 1"x2" and they do provide useful information to novice buyers who may not know where to go for help when something goes wrong. The problem in lies with their gross abuse of sticker policy*. To give to give you an idea the last unicycle my club ordered from unicycle.com featured 4 ~ 1"x6" stickers on the legs. This was in addition to the Torker brands already on there.

In their defense I will also note that they do include stickers on virtually every photo that they have in their catalogue however it typically is one and not 4 as well as no mention of the beautifully designed badge.

Personally John, I feel that your argument represent a minority of cyclists who enjoy having stickers placed all over their stuff by multiple parties and enjoy taking the time to remove them if they do not like it. But like you said if you don’t like it go somewhere else
and that is just what I did and Bedford Unicycles is more than accomidating.

*My comments on sticker abuse only apply to what I have recieved first hand from Unicycle.com USA and I have no ideas if these pratices are done across the board with all

Also lets not forget here that John Foss is a Partner in Unicycle.com so his desier for people to know that he Likes the company might be a little Jaded.