Unicycle Colour Generator

Hi all.
I’ve been trying to decide what colour to spray my unicycle so I made a colour generator. You can change the colour of the seat handle, frame and pedals.

Fun and useful- if you can’t decide what colours to spray your unicycle

.EXE link:

.SWF link:

If one doesn’t work, try the other!


Now that’s pretty darn cool. Thumbs up.

yah awesome… my seats red bits are the cloth

If the program you made is an accurate portrayal, I would reccomend blue saddle and pedals with orange frame. Super hot.

That is really very nice! It’s so easy! Thanks for putting it together.

You’ll probably hear request to add tire, rim and KH-style seat “patch color.”

Thanks for the praise!
I transfered the picture to the animation by tracing the outline so it is accurate even though it is a little cartoony.

Podzol -I’ll be happy to add tyre and rim if I get enough request. What is the KH-style seat “patch colour”?

Glad you like it. We should get a little gallery of cool unicycles together.


i checked that out and made a yellow frame, black seat, and red pedals.
mmm… yellow.

i might do that color scheme to my torker later, after i get tired of the paint job…

Is it possible to get coloured KH saddle colours? Like the Torker.

I’ve seen coloured rims, supposedly powdercoated.

When I’ve got time I’ll make it possible to change the colour of everything and then we’ll be able to come up with some cool colours…

Until then I really have to do my maths coursework. Agast, Standard Deviation and the coefficient of variation. Sigh.

Glad you like it anyway,

very useful:)

Thats really cool, one little suggestion is have silver for one of the pedal colors.

Good idea DanLee! There are only limited colours for the pedals and the saddle because I based them on what was available (JCs only come in black red and blue).

I will in time make everything changeable. I’ll keep you guys updated.


Hi Andy,
My udc KH saddles are all black with the little patch that comes in black, grey, red, blue or yellow.


look at the Nimbus II red and blue models. You’ll see what I mean.

Again, very nice!

wow, yesterday i was actually thinking about how cool a program just like this one would be (:
great minds think alike.
thanks, its very useful!!

I understand what you mean now Podzol! Thanks for the suggestion.

Unlucky James!
If you have any ideas or improvements you would like to make I wouldn’t have a problem with sending you the .fla file -assuming you are familliar with Flash.


May I suggest adding tire Colour. My own is Blue.

check out the green frame with everything else blue, it’s cool

Another thing that might be cool is crank colour, spoke colour, seatpost clamp colour – heck anything really. If there was some simple way to add a wide variety of colours to all the parts (maybe a colour palette or something off to the side?) so you could fine-tune stuff?

Very cool though, I can see many applications for this. Being able to change unicycles so you could do colours for freestyle, trials, muni, coker, etc. would be pretty rad.

Awesome work!

here’s one i made for school a few years back…


warning: you will want to buy many new unicycles!

FYI: these colours line up with Bedfords powdercoatings