Unicycle collor mod=)

This is just a little fun thing that i did on a rainy sunday.=)
1 (5) gum this is a specific gum company that has very cool colors on their gum rapers.
2 Unicycle
3 Imagination

This is what you do, You simply pull off the foil part of the rapper and leave the paper behind. This stick it on where you want it=). I put it on my cranks, and my hud. You can take it off wenever you want to too.

Man, this is really a crap idea :smiley:

i wouldn’t get it wet and so forth because it is going to end up coming off but if you want to make your uni a different color just get it powder coated any color Bedford and unicycle.com/uk will powder coat things for you good luck and personally don’t much like the gum rapper idea but hey if you like then im GLAD cause it makes you happy good luck

I normally repress the color when my gums are being raped.