Unicycle Collection

2 year old 9 foot unicycle cost was around $1400cnd after paint seat and tire and everything. Rode a dozen times selling for $1100.

Almost New BC wheel Selling for 100

2010 KH 36er with brake and nimbus handle $1000

5 footer 250

Shipping is extra

if you would like more info send me an email at derrickferguson3@gmail.com

I am selling my collection due to a serious injury causing me to stop riding permanently.

Sorry to hear about your injury :(. Its a shame when we can’t do what we love anymore. However, I’d be interested in the 5-footer and BC wheel if you can lower the price a little. If its a firm price thats fine, but I live in Ontario too, so depending on your location this could be awfully convenient.

$1000.00 Canadian = $963.39 US

goboatmen check your private messages I am very interested in talking to you.

36er is sold and 5 footer and bc wheel depending on pick up