Unicycle coach wanted (for hire) in LA


I received the following from a feature film production coordinator in Los
Angeles. Don’t sell yourself short! Charge what you think it’s worth to teach
someone to ride for “business purposes”. I say it that way because many of us
would normally teach someone for free…

Don’t make the mistake I made. I had the chance to teach Levar Burton to ride a
unicycle for the show Reading Rainbow when I lived in NY. They wanted to know
exactly how long this would take, and I answered honestly by saying it was
impossible to tell if he’d even be able to solo ride after a couple days’
practice. Just tell them the actor “will” ride, and make it happen!

Good luck, John Foss

-----Original Message----- From: Kathleen Keller [mailto:ekkeller@primenet.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 6:58 PM To: jfoss@unicycling.com Subject:

We are shooting a feature film entitled “Slackers” about college life inthe
Los Angeles area and are looking for someone to teach one of our actors how
to unicycle.

Kindly email me back if you know of anyone available.

Kathleen Keller Production Coordinator