Unicycle.co.uk spoke calculator problem

I’ve unlaced a 29" KH freeride RIM with moment hub to swap with a Schlumpf hub… using spoke calculator it seems that my spokes should be 1mm longer (so ok to be reused…) but in fact they get out from the back of the nipple more than 6mm and I cannot tighten them…

What’s the calculator problem?

I’ve got non centered eyelets on the rim… is it possible that it was laced with right side hub spokes connected to left side rim nipples? Could that be a problem? Do I have to lace it again to the opposite side?

Edit: the prebuilt 29" moment hub wheel came from unicycle.co.uk

You can’t reuse the spokes. The UDC Uk spokes calculator tells me that you need aprox. 7mm shorter spokes for the Schlumpf hub, which is about the same as your observation.


You tell us too little to diagnose that problem. When I put in a Moment Hub (just guessing 2009), and KH 29" freeride rim, it tells me 287 mm. With a Schlumpf hub, it’s 280mm. If you could tell us the EXACT things you put in, we would be one step ahead.

The very second it told you when going to a much bigger diameter flanged hub, you need longer spokes, you should have double checked everything anyway, since if you take 3 seconds to think about it that doesn’t make any sense at all…

I’m not very clever!

I did mess with spokes cross pattern! I thought about lacing it in a 4 cross pattern, but I forget to look what pattern I was unlacing! I was riding a 3 cross spokes moment hub… but I was sure it was 4 cross (the lenght will be ok forvthe Schlumpf too). I measured spokes lenght and understand I was riding a 3 cross pattern. New spokes are already shipping

The calculation method of pretty much all spoke-calculators is a not super-exact approach. Only exception I ever found was at DT Swiss.

The formula of mine is more precise:

Though, the difference is minimal -cannot exceed 2 mm- this could prevent a “fatal” roundup/decision in case your non-custom spoke is not available in every size.