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i recently joined a unicycle club on saturdays from 10 till 11.30am but trouble is they’re all boys i was worried the would treat me like a girl and think i was crud + stuff but we played gladiators and there was this guy who kept winning and i beat him! then they didn’t think i was crap anymore i think i proved my point… :wink:

Good for you. I’ll pass you along as yet another lesson for my daughters. (Society, sheesh!)

Tell me tho, is gladiators that game with swimming noodles over broomsticks? Do you have a shield?

Ahh… this calls for wrapping your chest, poking your hair up into a cap, and purchasing a pair of skater shooes with an oversized toung. Once the pride has accepted you as a bonafied male, they will invite you back to the their sacred lodge, where you will unwittingly remove the ancient Crystal Cycle from where it has been embeded for countless weekends in an enormous glob of chewing gum, and from the furmament will echo the voice of the Harper, “Thus the prophacey is fullfilled. *Wada-bing! Wada-boom!”


*rough translation: ‘Help, I’m stuck in a big wad of Juiceyfruit.’


its where someone shouts 1,2,3, GLADIATOR! and you all charge into each other and the last person standing (unicycling) wins! u get a lot of bruises but its very fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you learn new stuff in the presence of other riders

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treepotato <treepotato.q1fxb@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

> i recently joined a unicycle club on saturdays from 10 till 11.30am but

Where is this club? Your in Devon arn’t you? If its not tooo far I might
be able to come some saturdays. Not next wek coz I’m working saturday
morning next week, but some times.


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Re: gladiators

Also known, in the US, as Demolition Derby.

I prefer Gladiators as a name for the multiplayer game, and Sumo for one-on-one, though there are many possible variations for both.

The other game someone was referring to was Jousting.

We used to play this at our juggling club too.

When explaining the rules to a newby I’d just say ‘last person juggling wins’. When the melee of flailing arms began they’d pick up the idea pretty quick.


my club is in Calstock Village hall every saturday from 10am till 11.30am come along! :wink: