Unicycle Club Vid

I made a small video to play on our school announcements to try and get people to join our Unicycle Club. Decided to throw it on here for the hell of it. Music: Major Tome by Shiny Toy Guns.

Short simple and sweet. Third enjoyable vid in a row tonigh, I’m pleased, good night :smiley:

i swear ive seen these clips before in a video but with different music and better editing

Ive used a few of the clips in my other video. I just threw together some new clips with the old clips for this vid. I also didnt spend to much time on the editing.

Did many people join because of this?
I’m thinking of starting a club and think this may be an idea to encourage some people.

Not sure yet, The meeting is on tuesday. I have had like 5 people come up and tell me they liked it. It seems like it is working well.