Unicycle club or people in the Wolverhampton or Dudley area of West Midlands U.K.

Hi, I’m very new to he world of unicycling having got my first unicycle this year and very much enjoying it and think it would help me improve my riding skills if I was able to meet up with other people that unicycle, so was after a club or people that unicycle within the area of Wolverhampton or Dudley, West Midlands U.K.
Cheers for any help

Hi there,

I’m not far from you in Cannock, a couple of miles from Cannock Chase. I mainly ride cross country and the like around the Chase; it’s a great spot for muni riding as there are easy trails for gentle pootling as well as harder trails if you’re feeling brave. If you’re interested get in touch, I can be easily persuaded into going for a ride!

I don’t know of anyone else local, although I’ve only been here myself for a few months so I could be wrong.


Steve at http://www.shootingstarscircus.co.uk/ used to organise regular unicycle meets in the west midlands. He might still have something going on, drop him an email.