Unicycle Club Names

We are considering starting a unicycle club in our small northern Illinois farm town of Rochelle and are looking for creative name suggestions. If you’ve always had a unique name for a club just itching to escape, now’s your chance to make it public. It’s interesting too that the local high school mascot is “The Hubs” which we may be able to but not necessarily have to use. Story is that Rochelle was once the intersection of many different rail lines and still is for three rail companies on two double tracks. We are home to one of the few double diamond rail intersections in the country and even have a Railfan park for sightseers (http://foxdir.net/rrpark/). Rochelle is also located at the intersection of two major interstates, I-88 and I-39. So out of all this, Rochelle is the “hub” of many spokes of transportation. Go Hubs!

Thanks for your input, Bruce