Unicycle clothing option, the Utilikilt

Even straight guys check me out.

Chicks I’ve never met before ask me about my underwear.

The freedom to scratch when and where it itches.

It itches a lot less in a kilt, it’s the breeze you know.

It makes people wonder.

You can call Punks conformists.

When it smells of Guinness, smoke and Whiskey, it can go in the wash, and
not to the dry-cleaners.

I look good in it.

Almost as good as being naked.

Women love men in kilts.

Because zippers scare sheep.

When operating a zipper is too far beyond your capabilities.

Because the boys (wink wink!), they like to swing.

To give the ladies a cheap thrill when you get out of a car.

Because equality should extend to comfort, damn it!

Floor mounted AC vents on a hot day.

Name another article of clothing where you can carry a 12 pack of longnecks
in the pockets!

Because history has shown that men in kilts routinely kick the sh!t out of
the trousered.

Ergonomically, men belong in kilts. That seam in pants can be deadly.

Because I wear them!

Number one reason to wear a kilt: “You can dance in one - plenty of ball

A utilikilt also represents HERITAGE!!! This should be the greatest

*Disclaimer: It may be that this customer is talking about a broader sense
of heritage, not necessarily Scottish, but more primitive and ancestral. Men
the world over used to wear unbifurcated garments no matter what country or
class they came from. We at the UKHQ do not try to promote the UK as a
Scottish garment. To “air out your nads” - Courtesy of my fiancée.
Women LOVE them.

Utilikilts are SEXY.

Any guy who feels confident enough to wear one has got to be
progressive, sexy, and hip All my men wear utilitkilts!!!

I submit that UKs are the Ultimate ‘Babe Magnet’. 'Nuff said.

Because it makes me feel good to feel sexy.

Prevents the marshy feeling from wearing pants when living in the

When worn regularly, no one ever forgets who you are.

On a mooning raid, you have quick access!

Chicks love confident guys… and ya gotta be confident to wear one.

It’s one thing that men and women can agree on when deciding what to

If you’re out of things to talk about with a new friend, a kilt will
be a convenient topic for at least four straight days.

Scots rule. Scots wear kilts. Kilts are the #1 reason Scots rule.
Ergo, so will you when donning one.

It makes a great trademark if all your band members wear kilts.

If you like carrying big swords, a kilt is a necessary accessory.

Y’know, “kilt” IS Scottish Gaelic for “easy access”. Anyone up for a

As a woman who loves male legs and their accessories, it all comes
down to one word: ACCESS.

I can get it on with very little clothes adjustment/removal on my

Fashion colors for my every mood.

I have nice calves and I like to show them off.

It’s a good reason to invest in nice wool socks.

People look at me funny.

Women like men who don’t wear underclothes ( I should know, I am one
of those women!) Not to mention, Kilts are sexy!

In the words of Mel Gibson in Braveheart …“Freedom!”

Because real women LOVE men in kilts (especially Utilikilts!)

All the cool guys at ren-faire wear them to the after hours events.
you’re even cooler if you have a selection.

I love the reactions!

With the workman’s, i don’t need a backpack.

Wearing a kilt promotes creative and witty thinking. there’s only so
many ways you can respond to the “what are you wearing under that?”
question. the trick is to wear it out to a busy location (Disneyland) and
try to come up with a different response each time. (‘I’d have to show you’
is my favorite-the reaction is
quite fun to watch…)

it’s easier to run away with your kilt up than it is to be caught with
your pants down…

Have you seen how dorky some of the “traditional” dress kilts are?
Those men don’t need the freedom a
kilt affords, they need their balls back.

You don’t have to be Sean Connery ( or Steven) to look good in a UK.
It looks good on everyone.

Chicks dig me in a kilt. Gay men dig me in a kilt (not my preference,
but flattering none the less). Straight men admire the Ballsy attitude it
requires to wear a UK in Corporate America (and wish they were you.)

Circulation. Freedom. Comfort. Style. Quality.

Two Words. Beer Pockets.

Women ask about underwear.

Heat vents on cold days.

AC vents on hot days.

The only person at a party that doesn’t have to go to the fridge for another

Questions and answer sessions w/ opposite sex.

You never feel more alive then when you fall snowboarding and slide a few
feet on your ass while in a utilikilt of course.

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a
hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build
a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate,
act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a
computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, and die gallantly.
Specialization is for insects. Robert A. Heinlein, The Notebook of Lazarus

Cycling shorts!

Whoever said “suicide is painless” haven’t tried the mount wearing a kilt

lol, thats awsome.


Alright, they even come in “Beer Gut cut”.

hm… riding one of those while unicycling? it seems… the kilt will cover the seat and legs… and it would look quite awkward with seat jutting out from under the crotch. i suppose even more surprising would be riding an ultimate wheel with a kilt. they would think there was a seat under you… but… there isn’t!

if only they were long enough

they’re actually quite comfortable.
i got married in one. i have ridden a few times with it, but only had difficulty with it due to the boots i was wearing. they’re made only a couple o’ miles from my house. nice people. comfy clothes. i’d never thought to ultimate wheel with it on, though…

Re: Unicycle clothing option, the Utilikilt

well they have to if they are gonna wear stuff like that

Re: Re: Unicycle clothing option, the Utilikilt

They can, that is why they wear stuff like that.:slight_smile:

There is also Sport Kilt
The Sport Kilts have the more traditional fabric designs. But no Utili-pockets.

The Utilikilts are made in Seattle. I’ve seen people actually wearing them in public around here.

When the Utilikilts came out the TV news had a segment on them. They showed an entire construction crew buiding a home and every one of them was wearing a Utilikilt. Men with power tools and ladders all wearing kilts. Knee pads were also a poplular accessory. Strange.

Here are two Seattle newspaper articles about the Utilikilts

I don’t think a kilt is the best thing to be wearing while riding a unicycle. The kilt would obstruct the handle on the seat and make it difficult to grab the seat. Transitioning to seat out and seat in would also be more challenging. And think of the display when the kilt flies up when you jump off the giraffe.

i think i’ll hold out for some utility leuterhausen