Unicycle Clone

You’d never have thought the day would come where you see a rip-off of a unicycle sold to the masses as crazy fun.

Meet the Cycocycle.

Where I come from, we call that a tricycle. :smiley:

But it’s not exactly your typical tricycle, it’s more like a unicycle with training wheels.

Cool that it has its own TV ad and can be found in Toys R Us though! I get the idea that peoples’ first impressions of it would be “I’m not buying my non-preschool kid a tricycle!” or similar.

Unless it’s the parents of that kid in Miami, who think unicycling is too dangerous? There you go, mom & dad…

Perhaps I’ve understated the ridiculousness of the situation.

Another promo shot

Looks prone to face-planting. I am looking forward to the YouTube hilarity.

It’s a tricycle… Except you sit on the handlebars/seat ha ha. It looks hard to turn if you’re sitting on it. On a unicycle you can lean, but I don’t know how you’d turn on this thing because you can’t lean…

From the looks of the video you lift the back wheels off the ground and turn it like a uni :roll_eyes:

You aren’t supposed to be able to control/turn it… that’s why its the “psycho” cycle… :wink:

Hahahahaha! That is ridiculous. I love the smile. I should use that as my avatar pic.

That’s one way of doing a unispin…

Nope. I’ve seen many similar “big ideas” come and go since I’ve gotten into unicycling. Mostly go.

If anybody actually buys one…

Note that the seat is displaced to the rear of the head tube, and also that there’s quite a bit of “rake” angle to the head tube. This should help in steering, but even if it were upright, you could still turn by adding a little side force into the pedals. Same as a regular tricycle – remember? :slight_smile:

It’s like one of those Lerun “skate bikes” with bigger wheels. Makes me wonder what the conversation was to bring this around?

Prod Designer 1: I’ve always wanted to ride a unicycle.

Prod Designer 2: Me too, but they look hard to ride.

Prod Designer 1: True. What if you took a unicycle and added two wheels? Then it’d be easier to ride.

Prod Designer 2: Then you’d have a tricycle…

Prod Designer 1: No, no. It’s like a tricycle but you sit on unicycle seat where the handle bars would go.

Prod Designer 2: So you’d get the best both worlds? That’s wacky! Kids love wacky!

Manager: I don’t know what you guys are talking about but it sounds like money.


Tricks in the review:

  • hopping
  • the infamous wheelie
  • a stoppie - or maybe that's just the equivalent of riding a unicycle
  • wheel walking
  • riding with both feet on the frame

And no, this isn’t me. I’m nowhere near that cool.

Hate to load up the thread with youtube links (you can search yourselves), but here’s a tricks video:
[ame=“my cycocycle tricks - YouTube”]my cycocycle tricks - YouTube
[ame=“CycoCycles in Vegas - beta test - YouTube”]CycoCycles in Vegas - beta test - YouTube

someone replace the front wheel with something that is ISIS

Wow, that’s pretty ridiculous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, the CycoCycle…the mutant uni-tricycle thing. I actually just saw these the other day at Toys R Us, and got me thinking “Pssh, wannabe unicycle.” I actually saw these before but I’ll stick with my true single wheel.

It just occurred to me that there is no seat height adjustment. Ouch.

I think the skate bike is cooler, for one thing they had Michael Jackson to do their commercial.

Unicycle.com even sell those http://www.unicycle.uk.com/unicycles/specials/qu-ax-balance-bike.html - I wonder how long before they carry the CycoCycle?

what the hell?

the concept of the skate bike and the cycocycle both confuses and infuriates me :angry: :thinking: