Unicycle clock

One word… eBay. :sunglasses:

That is very awesome.

I like. :slight_smile: Does it come in trials and muni versions? :smiley:

What about UWs and BC or even half fork unicycles???




For any info on clocks and pricing please check out my site and email me from there. The more orders I can get will bring the price down.

Other 1 off’s can be made to order but are significantly more expensive, just let me know your ideas and I will try to interpret them into reality for you.


Just to make things clear, Paul who posted above is the bloke who made my clock. If you want one, please email him and he’ll work out the price depending on numbers. That’ll be much easier than me trying to relay messages to him.



I must say although there are other clocks shown on the site, as yet there is no Unicycle clock, the Uni clock was only completed as a 1 off in time for Valentines day, so thus not got around to adding the pictures yet, and prices are not shown either…

The clocks complete are £25.00 + postage and packaging…
Many thanks.


Paul if you are willing to make me a unicycle clock please email me at melaniefeldman21@gmail.com with details and costs.


Hes hasn’t been seen here since Feb. 2008 and has no valid email address in his profile anymore. He’ll probably never ever read your enquiry. I’ll PM you.

Thanks Eric for your response. I’m not the unicycle, it’s for my husband. I will try the address to see if it’s meant to be.

Appreciate it.


Is that a real uni or photoshopped? Like a Cannondale Lefty. Always wonder how strong those lefty’s really are, when you land badly, the hub will surely twist. As a uni that chance might be bigger with hopping.

Wow - how did this thread come back to life?! Well my clock is still on the wall :slight_smile: I think Paul made at least a couple more for other people in the end, but he won’t be reading this (he’s not a unicyclist - he only joined up so he could post on this discussion).
Paul apparently emigrated to Australia some time ago, but my wife still has the cad file and would be willing to email it to you @Melanie_Gregory-Feldm if you want to get your own cut. Or we could get the steel bits cut at our local laser cutter and send them to you (not sure what the cost would be). The mechanism is just a generic clock mechanism, and there’s a white disc behind the “wheel” to hide the mechanism (could just be a paper or painted disc to match your wall).
Let me know if that would be any help.


Omgosh I can’t believe this! I heard from Eric last night and got Paul’s address. I contacted him and this morning there was a reply. Gotta love email. He is in Australia and doesn’t make them anymore. So… I would be happy for either. Do you want to see what the costs would be ? I am in Calgary Alberta Canada. I don’t know of anyone that does this kind of work but I will poke around and see.

Thank you so much for responding I really appreciate it.


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Lol, the internet can be great some times.

I know there are a few outfits in Saskatoon that could easily cut this for you if you give them the cad file, I would assume there is someone in Calgary that could do it for you as well and you would save the shipping and support local.

That is a great looking clock!

Sent a PM - I’d definitely like to get the CAD files so I can try to get it cut locally. Thanks.

OK, I think the best thing to do is if I find the file and either attach it to this thread if I can (I haven’t really used this forum for years so I don’t know what the new forum software’s attachment rules are) or upload it somewhere and post a link. Then anybody who wants it can have it.
If you’re in Canada (and I’m in the UK) it makes a lot more sense to find a local laser cutter who can cut it for you from the file.

Great to see some of the same people on here BTW - Eric (@saskatchewanian ) I remember you making Frankenstein tyres and odd-size wheel rims :smiley:


@Melanie_Gregory-Feldm it’s not the same, but in case you can’t get exactly what you’re looking for I’ll just leave this here:

Danny thanks for this. It could be a good alternative.
I cannot believe the guys that have reached out to me to find a darn clock for my husband. This will make for such a great story once I deliver the goods😉

Take care

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Sorry for the delay - seems the original file has gone missing after all, but my wife has drawn it again to the original dimensions.
If you download the zip file from www.northcotts.clara.net/unicycleclock/unicycle-clock.zip it contains two files, a pdf and a dxf. It’s the dxf you would need to give to a laser-cutter to get your copy made.
Anybody who wants to use the file, please feel free.


Has anyone looked into using the DXF file to get the metal for the clock fabricated? I put it on fractory.com with 2mm brushed stainless steel. If I buy 1, it costs $140 (USD). But 10 are $270, obviously much less per piece if more are made. 5 cost $194.

Anyone else get a quote on it? Or want to get a group order together?