Unicycle clock

My Valentine’s Day present from my wife this year :slight_smile:
It’s about 8" or 9" diameter wheel, laser cut from brushed stainless steel. Really cool.
(She’s a draftsman for an engineering company and has useful contacts)


BTW, more could be made to that design if anybody’s interested - not sure about the cost though.


That is really cool. For a reasonable price I’m sure she’d have several buyers (just how much is international shipping?).

I do have a concern with the design, is 12 spokes really strong enough? After a couple big drops the wheel may taco; then you’d have to deal with a time warp…

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That’s pretty cool. I like how the pedals are in there also

That is sooooooooo cool. I think the market for that could be quite big if the price is right, put me down for one.
Maybe you could just send out the laser cut steel shape and let buyers find their own clock mechanism, that would make postage much easier for you.

That is so cool! Everytime I see it I would think…It’s “Time” for a uni ride! :smiley:

I would love to have one. But making and selling these, would suck all the valentines gift feeling out of it…at least for you :roll_eyes:

that is really cool, i would definetly be interested in getting one

that’s lovely. I would be interested too.

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Eek. Seems like there would be some interest if we were to get a few more made then. We’ll ask the bloke who did the cutting what he’d be willing to do them for (just the laser cut bit - I agree with Ian that clock mechanisms are easy to come by and would just make postage awkward). Obviously the more he makes the cheaper they would be, but it’s looking like it’s going to be worth making a batch of ten or so at this rate. I’ll get back to you when I know a price.


If postage to Australia is affordable i’m in for sure :slight_smile:


More than that, I reckon. I want one, too.

moi aussi…

ooooooo that’s a purdy clock. Is it possible to have the wheel spin anti-clockwise so it looks like its moving??? :thinking:

that is beautiful, what a wonderful gift. Your wife did a great job. Lucky you.

I’d love one of those beauties.

Your wife must be top banana to think up such a cool pressie.

That’s a cool idea. If I get some free time i might try building one. I’ve got a great idea for it. If I make one i’ll let you all know.

BTW, cool clock.

That is so beautiful.

Haha well played.

That is really cool!


Like it, want one.
puts tickets to a John Hegley gig in the shade.