unicycle clip from jackass (link)

Here’s a link of Steve-O from Jackass unicycling and falling into a lake.

since i dont have cable, i would love to see the Jackass@work.
i heard about him on OPB(oregon public broadcasting)
but that link dont flow.

That was a pretty nice clip, but instead of using that link, I had to go through your site at http://jackass.mybravenet.com to get to the link (an error said that you had to get the link from your site). If anyone can’t find it, I got it on the second page of the movies.

This thread is old, but I just saw a different clip on “jackass” where the title was “gator unicycle” From what I saw it looked like he was attempting to ride his unicycle(looked like schwinn with viscount seat) on the back of an Alligator.

Lets see Kris Holm do that!:wink: