Unicycle Clip Art

Hi there… I’m running a 50MHz 486DX with Windows 3.1 and CorelDRAW, as well as
some other publishing software. I was wondering if anyone out there had some
unicyle clip art in .EPS, .WMF, or .CDR format. Please e-mail me
(gt1895a@prism.gatech.edu) if you have any or know where I can get any. Juggling
clip art would also be helpful, but not necessary. Hopefully there’s an ftp site
for this. (hmmm. I think I might try moocow…)

Thanks, John Butler Media Assassin Georgia Tech College Republicans (Oh no! Here
comes that College Republican on his unicycle!)

Wow, nice system, dude! Check out his system from 1993, the year I was born.

Well look at the bright side he is probably impervious to viruses, and spyware. But on the down side, a 200 dollar pc running linux, that would be 100x better then that primordial batch of oversized transisters. Would be just as impervious, and sadly more compatible with modern software.