Unicycle "Clinic"

I’m thinking of placing an ad in a few local papers offering Unicycling lessons, or maybe even a group “clinic” mfor beginners! This might be a fun way to introduce our sport to more people, many who may have already thought about learning, but didn’t have enough info or know how to get started.

Part of the reason would also be to get some new riders in my area as there is virtually nobody else but me in the local area! And since I have several unis I could use some of them as “loaners”, and I know of at least one LBS that sells the torker lx and stocks it on a regular basis, so I’m thinking there’s got to be some people locally that are at least trying to learn that I don’t know about.

sounds like a good plan to me.

Good luck with it

Sounds great you should definitely go for it.

I think it would be really cool if I found some people in my age range that used to also ride as a kid and want to re-learn! Then I could have some fellow “Geezers” to ride with too!:stuck_out_tongue:

I was in my bike shop showing them my modded bike frame, and the guy mentioned 3 people bought unicycles that week :slight_smile: He said he thought of me every time he sold one.

Wow! You should leave your phone number so the ppl who by unis can contact you.

Just remember that most people your age are getting around using a walker. :smiley: Seriously, your idea sounds good. I’ve been thinking about doing something like that where I live. I have plenty of unused unicycles in my collection available to the noob. I’ll be watching to see how you make out.

I was thinking about it right after I posted it.

I think I might go tomorrow and give them a paper with my number on the bottom in little slits, I have always wanted to make one of those.

I’m going to hand out cards that have my name & phone number, and Uni-logo and below it’ll say “join the club!”

I’d talk to the bike shop to help you promote a demo there. Put up some simple props and demonstrate the various forms of uni (all stuff w/ full pads and little risk of a UPD - a bigish one could scare off newcomers)

Offering clinics is an excellent idea. Everyone should do it!

Terry, the easiest way is to recruit one uni-bunny. Have her ride in front of the pack. Now watch your membership skyrocket with guys your age.

Like a Playboy-bunny, but on a unicycle? :smiley:


let me know about it so I can put it in my handy dandy unicycle flier : )

BTW can I come? I can bring cookies… :slight_smile:


I have a basic Uni flier with helpful websites on it. Do you want a copy? You would just have to erase the information about SoCal riders/groups and you would be good to go…

Please. :slight_smile:

sent :smiley:

Btw if anyone wants to look at/steal the flier

and I can email the word document to anyone that wants it : )

oh, and if anyone makes it prettier please please send it to me because I could use a pretty version :smiley: