Unicycle chopsticks

While I was sitting cooking a pan of noodles at Bristol juggling convention last week, I noticed that one of my chopsticks had a picture of a unicycle on it:

cool, reminds me of a funnypic I saw a while ago.

i don’t think its a unicycle to be honest. unless i am looking at the wrong thing.

It’s a sign.

You are the chosen one.

Or unless you’re lacking in imagination. Top character, right-hand chopstick.

Here it is. Just don’t click it if the F word gives you nighmares.

no what i meant was that i can see it looks like a unicycle but i don’t think it is meant to be one (sorry if it was not clear in my previous post).

Well im sure he knew it wasnt meant to be a unicycle. It just happens to be a coincidence.

The fourth character down looks like me when I’ve been camping and I’ve rolled out of the tent in my sleeping bag.

What do you mean, you don’t see it?

The third one down on the left looks like Kris Holm doing MUni.

The fourth one down on the left looks like a uni-legged ballet dancer that is about to tickle a floating Special K logo. I know, it is kinda obvious. :o

The one in the top right looks like an out of focus small child :smiley:


It looks like one but I don’t think it is meant to be one :wink:

That’s actually Chinese for ‘Hey, where’s your other chicken ball?’

The left stick says 百年好合, which means “many years of prosperity”.

And the right stick says, “Do you think I can crankflip this set?”