Unicycle Choice

Hello! I am new to unicycling (i have been unicycling for 4-5 months) as well as in this forum. So, i would like you to help me on which unicycle would be more suitable for my needs. I currently have a luxus (a beginner unicycle). I tried with it to practice some trials, but i quickly had problems with it’s cranks and it’s pedals, and i decided to practice flatland, freestyle. I have learnt one-footed, wheel walk, kick-up, side mount, riding backwards, idling (and one footed) etc and now i would like to purchase a new uni, to practice trials with it (not break) but also broaden my flatland and freestyle skills on it. I would also like it would last for a long time. So i am thinking about qu-ax trials, kris holm trials or nimbus. I think that the qu-ax trials is really good, but i really need your help…:slight_smile: Thanks in advance…

If we suppose that money isn’t a problem (despite the fact that kh is a bit expensive) isn’t kris holm the best choice? As i said before i would like an uni to last for a long time, so i am afraid that nimbus maybe won’t serve me for a quite a long period, and i can’t afford to buy a new uni the next year… As for the qu-ax trials, is it really a problem that it is so heavy? Oh and i read that kh cranks are 137mm long. Aren’t they too long for freestyle?

I have the quax trials (not the cross) and I like it.
If you’re reasonably stong and get used to the uni, the extra weight isnt a big problem.- I can do tricks quite easier on my quax over my friends nimbus street.The extra weight,therefore, strength makes the quax last longer.
If theres a lot of money involved maybe a quax with an 08 series frame?
Light and strong?
Powdercoat the 08 frame yellow and thats a sexy uni;)

Thanks for the tips. I would also like to ask when qu-ax and kh are going to bring out the 2008 trials. Maybe i should wait to for the 2008 models? And can i do freestyle with both qu-ax and kh trials?

p.s. I am sorry for my english, i am from Greece…

Hey Napoleon, Im from Brazil, I have bought a Phantom Nimbus with KH 137 momments forum UK UDC it took 2 business days to arrive, it arrived on Monday and I have already walked a lot on it.
The nimbus is really strong I didn’t see anyone talking bad about it. Im pretty happy with my uni but in my opnion the KH Cranks are really important.

I applaud you if you actually able to break a Nimbus w/ KH Moments. Unless your over 200 lbs I doubt that should ever be a problem.


Well, so i think that i am going to buy the qu-ax trials. It is the cheapest of all, and the most strong and durable… The only thng i would ike to know is whether the qu-ax trials is ok for freestyle and flatland…

me too I’ll break the frame at the weld

i don’t think it would be a problem for anyone over 200lbs either.
if it is really like the KH hub, its not going to get broken.

Is qu-ax trials ok for flatland and freestyle?

cause im about 225 and I doo Trials, No problem yet.

Is qu-ax trials ok for flatland and freestyle? Should i change anything? Please someone answer…

what about this upgraded with qu-ax cranks iff you want to do freestyle and flatland it would be great.
Also it would be fine for trails the seat post is abit thinner than the nimbus trials but that gives you more room for your feet for your freestyle.

The problem is that i also want to do trials, so i am afraid it will break at some time…

you would have to do some pretty big things
with sketchy landings to brake it most of the stress from
trials is on the wheel set anyway…

I have a Nimbus 20" Trials Cycle, and I find that I can do flatland, freestyle, street, as well as the obvious, trials.

Thanks fo the tips. I’ ll think about it. I am between qu-ax trials and nimbus trials.

Are you saying you’re a 14 year old over 200 pounds?

sorry if this is a dumb question but what is stronger and better. the drilled kh 2007 rim or the nimbus trials rim.