Unicycle Choice, Gladiators?

Unicycle gladiators is an event I enjoy immensely, from the sidelines, as a spectator. Maybe someday I might be brave enough to join in, but not yet awhile.

I can see that big wheel…speed…run away works to a degree. But what size/type of unicycle gives the most flexibility in the midst of all the pushing, shoving, I’m gonna get you down, type wrestling that takes place?
Big tyre 20?
Given infinite choice, how would you decide your ride?

I’d tend to favour the extra tyre width of a trials over the manouverability of a freestyle tyre, But I’m unsure as to the wheel size. Personally 20" would be my first choice, but that’s just because that’s all I have ever ridden to a great degree. I’m thinking 24" would be the biggest I’d be willing to ride in Gladiators, for competition anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

a 20 or 24 inch wheel with long cranks would be best. the longer the cranks the more torque. this would sacrifice speed though, so i guess it depends on your game plan: defence or offence. if you want to run away, then a big wheel would be best, but then you will just play until someone gets tired. remember that the game will not end until someone falls off, so you still need to be able to push the person over.

Whichever unicycle you feel most stable and maneuverable on, for most it’ll be a 20", but for those who have only ridden a 24 and never a 20, the 24 will be better for them. Gladiators isn’t just about speed and fast turns, its about being able to stay on when someone shoves you really hard, or grabs for your saddle (Roger :roll_eyes: :p)