Unicycle children's book by Cary Gray

Cary Gray, the cross-country unicyclist, has written a children’s book called “Luno!” and to show anything is possible he illustrated with his feet!

It needs funding on KickStarter.

Join me in supporting Cary and get a copy of his book for yourself or your school/public library! :sunglasses:

Please Support!

more sample images

Please help making this wonderful project possible and get one of the first copies of this book, post cards, coloring books, color prints or even original paintings.

For unicyclers with children, this is a must have!


Only 21 days to go.

It looks awesome!! However the shipping cost put me off :confused:

Still 1691€ missing and only 17 days to go!

I just kicked in. C’mon folks, how cool will it be to say you have a copy of a unicycle-related book that was illustrated only by feet? It doesn’t need too many more donors to reach its funding goal. Let’s do it!

1 week left and only $121 to go! So close!

Goal achieved! :slight_smile: Thank’s to all! Now I can’t await to find it in my mailbox some day :slight_smile:

Heads up for anyone wanting this. 5 hours left.