Unicycle Charity Tour/Expedition - summer 2011

In 2009 a a high school friend of mine died of a Brain Tumor. I am going to do an expedition to raise money for Brain Tumor research to help stop others going through what he did. This is going to be a huge challenge, and require lots of effort and input, but it will be worth it :smiley: if you can help in any way please comment or pm me :smiley:

To cycle the circumference of Ireland on a unicycle to raise funds and awareness for charity.

Charities - Brain Tumor Trust & 1 other, Irish charity?

raise £2000+ for charity
complete 800+ miles on a unicycle
Raise awareness for Brain Tumors
encourage the sport of unicycling
use of media for publishing, marketing & reflection

– unicycle the circumference of Ireland by road and cycle track.
approx 1000 miles, at average of 30 mpd = 33 days cycle + 2days rest per week
= 42 days + travel & prep tim

WHO - I am trying to gather a team of 2-4 unicyclists (via word of mouth & advertising on forums), however if there is not enough interest I will endeavour to complete the expedition as a lone unicyclist.
I am also keen to get two wheeled cyclists involved, as they would be a great asset to the expedition to help boost moral and more importantly provide instant support / back up should we need it. As is apparent, Bikes can carry significantly more than Unicycles :wink:

After much research into Unicycle Tours, it has become apparent that I will also most likely need a support vehicle. The logistics of which greatly depend on the size of the team committed to the ride.

WHEN – TBC, approx 15th July 2011

For inspiration visit - http://www.unitours.org/ which has a magnitude of information on past and upcoming unicycle tours.

if you are interested in helping get the charity expedition affiliated, or even feel up for the ride, do comment on here or send me a PM. It is vital that logistical planning gets underway asap.

Currently i am aware that to complete the expedition we are going to need: (however am open to your suggestions/advice/expertise wherever you see a gap!)
A logistical mastermind who is good at PR and Marketing
Some keen cyclists who can commit to the time frame and provide support on the road.
A support vehicle and Driver to carry equipment and provide further back-up support, as well as logistical organisation on the road.

see discussions on unicycle forums - http://www.emeraldcircus.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1269 and http://www.unicycle.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=464

look forward to hearing from you :smiley:


Sounds like a great cause, and a great endeavor…

Hey Jai,
The fact that you are getting everything rolling 6 plus months ahead of time should make this a big success. I just recently organized my own small charity event to raise money for my paralyzed brother to be able to get a decent handicap van. The biggest obstacle that I came across was the tendency of many people to try and dismiss the idea. “You can’t do 100 miles in a day on a unicycle”, etc. Also, apathy is everywhere, it’s natural for most people to think only about “what’s in it for me?” Luckily because of this forum I knew it had been done many, many times. So, I just trained and got it done. So far, including a donation from a van company, we have raised about $13,000 towards our goal. This was all raised in one month, and it puts us halfway there.

Having others join in to help with your cause will be a big help. I didn’t find any “helpers” until the last three weeks or so before my ride, but they were very effective, and they spent many hours helping. It was their idea to drive up and follow me in a fire truck, I would have never asked them to go out of their way like that.

Anyway, my point is, just stay strong in your commitment, and before you know it, people will come out of the woodwork to help you. You are undertaking a great self-less task, but it will provide you with great rewards too.

Take care and best of luck,

The Rhino

Hey Rhino :slight_smile:

Thank you for the inspiration! just read your webpage and that was an amazing thing to accomplish indeed. glad it all came together and with a fire engine as support too!! well done :slight_smile:

yep, i thought it best to get the logistical and planning side of it started as soon as possible so that there isnt a mad rush towards the end. This way the ride has a greater chance of gaining corporate sponsers too.

The training is also a major concern for me, i just want to be out there riding and riding some more! sadly the typical Lake District weather here in England doesnt want to comply, and the biggest hinderance, a severe lack of a 36" unicycle! hopefully that will be sorted soon though :slight_smile:

thanks again for your encouraging words, and best of luck raising the rest of the money!


Thanks Jai,

Welcome to the forum by the way (in case you haven’t heard a welcome yet). Thanks for the good words.

I don’t know if you use Facebook or not, I never really got on there much myself until this fundraiser started going crazy, but it was very effective for raising awareness and driving people to check out the website. Also, when I spread the word to people about my fundraiser I would say to them,“I realize times are hard for many people right now, but if you would just take a look at what we’re doing and if you think it is a worthwhile cause, just share it with your Facebook friends.”
Almost 2,000 people have visited the website in less than a month, so I think that strategy paid off. Of course, the vast majority just visited and didn’t donate, but that’s okay too. It generated activity.

Don’t want to hijack your thread, just wanted to share some ideas that have worked for me.

Take care, and good luck.

charity unicycle expedition

just a quick update for now, i will include a more detailed update on the expedition plans in the next few days

I have recently managed to get my hands on an amazing KH 36 er! (many thanks to Paul, from bristol). This is an amazing unicycle and will have no trouble whatsoever doing 1000 miles. It came set up with the KH Tbar, Magura Vbrakes and 125-150 double hole cranks! i havent dared use the 125 holes yet but when the confidence and distance on the 150 gets better then i will :smiley:

I have had many great responses to the expedition and kindly given advice from experienced unicycle tourers such as Dave Cox, Philip Schleihauf, Ken Looi, and Roger (from unicycle.com)

I am also in the process of confirming details of the expedition with the prospective charities (brain tumour uk and or SDBTT). If anyone has any thoughts / ideas on an Irish charity please comment below.
Once this is finalised i will then be able to set up a JustGiving page for the expedition, hopefully in time for all you last minute xmas shoppers to support something worthwhile and meaningful :wink:

PS: just a reminder to anyone interested, large wheel unicycles may be ‘rare’ but they are not that hard to get hold of that not owning one at the moment should stop you from joining the ride :wink: ! it is xmass soon remember!

yours in adventure :smiley: Jai

Daily Distance UPDATE

What & How - UPDATED
– unicycle the circumference of Ireland by road and cycle track.
approx 1000 miles, at average of 50 miles per day = 20 days cycle + 2 days rest/campaign & fundraising per week
= 28 days (4 weeks) total

50 mpd should be easily manageable (with lots of training) and still allow enough time and energy for campaigning and fundraising.

50 miles per day is the target I set myself when I did LEJOG unsupported last year. I hit it on a few days, but fell short on most – though it didn’t matter too much. :slight_smile:

I did have a large rucksack though, so I’m certain you’ll be just fine if you have a support vehicle!

I’m also quite interested in joining in myself. I’ll keep an eye on the thread and my calendar…